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Job Application
This application form is in Adobe PDF format. For best viewing and full function of the application, you must use Adobe Acrobat Reader (v.8 or better), which is free for download. For best results download the PDF file to your hard-drive. Once Acrobat Reader is installed, you can simply click on the link, open the file, drop your curser by the highlighted field "For the position of:" and tab through the fields, filling out the form as you go, printing the pages from your computer. The filled out information can now be saved in Acrobat Reader, so you can save the information and return later to finish filling out the form.

For information regarding PDF files and accessibility issues please Click Here

NOTE: All pages must be completely filled out in ink (preferrably with your computer), printed and signed before sending in to Regional Transit.

The 'primary' employment application and all supplemental applications have been moved to our 'Downloadable Files Area'. Please click the link below to list downloadable files ....
Click Here for Job Application PDF

  Sacramento Regional Transit District