Downtown-Natomas-Airport Corridor Study
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Project Overview
The Sacramento Regional Transit District's (RT) Green Line to the River District project is the first phase of the Green Line to the Airport (also referred to as the Downtown Natomas Airport light rail extension) that will extend light rail 12.8 miles north from downtown Sacrament to the River District, the Natomas communities and the Sacramento International Airport.

The first phase extends light rail 1.1 miles north to Richards Boulevard and 7th Street at the Township 9 development, connecting downtown Sacramento to the River District. The project includes two light rail stations: 8th & H/County Center Station and 7th & Richards/Township 9 Station.

The Green Line to the River District operates as an independent circulator, connecting to existing tracks south of H Street and operating through downtown to the 13th Street light rail station.

In conjunction with the City of Sacramento's two major development projects (The Railyards and Township 9) and the River District Specific Plan, the Green Line to the River District provides a key transit link from these developments to downtown Sacramento.

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Environmental Review/Project Schedule
The Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Green Line to the River District was certified by the RT Board of Directors on April 13, 2009 in accordance with California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requirements. The RT Board awarded a design-build contract to Stacy and Witbeck, Inc. in September of 2009 and the project received Notice to Proceed in November 2009. Development of final design documents and pre-construction utility work began in December 2009. 

Green Line to the River District Final EIR

The Green Line to the River District is RT's first design-build track construction project.  The cost of the design-build contract is $44.4 million.

The Green Line to the River District began revenue service on June 15, 2012.

Project Benefits
This project is the first phase of a larger project that provides improved transit service to the Natomas communities and beyond. It also demonstrates RT's ability to deliver a locally-funded project that supports the Sacramento region's Blueprint principles by tying transit service to future development and promoting patterns of smart growth.

The Green Line to the River District provides public investment in a corridor identified for redevelopment, which will lead to needed private investment, and provide immediate benefits to existing businesses along the corridor.

Trains operate on a 30-minute frequency and are expected to generate an additional 6,540 daily boardings.