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    City of Rancho Cordova

    Transportation Guide

  • Discover the advantages of taking public transit.
    It’s an economical, convenient way to get
    around town.
  • Whether traveling to work or shopping, this
    Web page will provide you with everything you
    need to know about riding RT…Getting around
    Rancho Cordova has never been so easy.
  • How to Ride Guide:
    Interested in taking public transit, but don’t know how to
    get started? The How to Ride Guide will help direct
    you in six simple steps.

    Trip Planning Assistance:                               Back to top
    RT’s customer service representatives will provide you with everything you need to know to reach your destination of interest…what bus route to take, time of departure, how to transfer and what the fare will cost you.

    Transportation Options:
    RT is pleased to offer a variety of transportation options to make travel throughout Rancho Cordova simple, affordable and relaxing. The Transportation Options guide has been created to help you understand the public transportation alternatives that are available in Rancho Cordova and to assist you with selecting the one that best suits your needs.

    Mobility Training Program:
    Mobility training is a free one-on-one or group training program that provides assistance to people learning to ride RT’s bus and light rail system. Mobility training is meant to aid people in developing the confidence necessary to travel independently.

    Routes Serving Rancho Cordova:                    Back to top

    Please click on the route number to view the current schedule and map.

    MAP LIGHT RAIL GOLD LINE (Downtown - Folsom)
    MAP 21 - SUNRISE
    MAP 28 - FAIR OAKS - FOLSOM (Sunrise Mall - Mather Mills - Butterfield)
    MAP 72 - ROSEMONT - LINCOLN VILLAGE (Mather/Mills - Watt/Manlove)
    MAP 73 - WHITE ROCK (Trade Center - Mather/Mills)
    MAP 74 - INTERNATIONAL (Folsom - Mather/Mills)
    MAP 75 - MATHER FIELD (Mather Loop)
    MAP 91 - CITRUS HEIGHTS - SUNRISE (Sunrise LR  - Louis/Orlando)

    RT System Map:                                                   Back to top

    Passes, Fares & Transfers:

    Senior/Disabled Services:

    Rancho Cordova Destinations:                      Back to top
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    Family Attractions Parks & Recreation
    Hospitals & Medical Facilities Schools
    Community Centers & Libraries Shopping Centers
    Hospitals & Medical Facilities
    Kaiser Permanente - Rancho Cordova
    10725 International Dr

    Rancho Cordova Neighborhood Center (Healthy Start, Women, Infants & Children, UCD Clinic on Wheels)
    10665 Coloma Rd.            21

    Sacramento VA Medical Center
    10535 Hospital Wy., Mather      75

    Sutter Health Care Center
    1941 Zinfandel Dr.          28, 91

    Family Attractions
    Sportsplex (Basketball Town, Technique Gymnastics, Gold's Gym, Granite Arch Rock Climbing); Folsom Blvd. (between Sunrise Blvd. & Hazel Ave.)    LR, 73, 74, 91

    King's Skate Country
    2900 Bradshaw Rd.         28

    Mather Sports Complex
    3755 Schrierer Ave., Mather     74

    Pump it Up "The Inflatable Party Zone"
    11280 Sanders Dr.      74

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    Community Centers & Libraries
    Cordova Community Center
    2197 Chase Dr.           21

    Rancho Cordova Community Library
    9845 Folsom Blvd.       28

    Rancho Cordova Neighborhood Center
    10665 Coloma Rd.       21

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    Parks and Recreation
    Ahlstrom Park
    Zinfandel Dr. & Cordova Ln.

    Gold River Park
    Gold Country Blvd, & Poker Flat Dr.     

    Hagan Community Park
    2197 Chase Dr.                   21

    Lincoln Village Community Park
    3480 Routier Rd            72

    Rosemont Community Park
    Americana Wy. (Rosemont)        72

    Veterans Park
    Mather Blvd., Mather            75

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    Cordova Lane
    2460 Cordova Ln.            28

    Peter J. Sheilds
    10434 Georgetown Dr.      21

    Mills Middle
    10439 Coloma Rd.          

    Mitchell Middle
    2100 Zinfandel Dr.           28

    Cordova High
    2239 Chase Dr.              21

    Hiram Johnson High
    (Traveling from Rockingham Dr., Routier Rd. & Lincoln Village Dr.)       235, 261


    Kinney High
    2710 Kilgore Rd.
    Cordova Town Center Station, 74

    Walnutwood High
    10850 Gadsten Wy.        

    Adult Education
    10850 Gadsten Wy.         28

    Heald College
    910 Prospect Park Dr.       74

    ITT Technical Institute
    0863 Gold Center Dr.      73,

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    Shopping Centers
    Mills Center (Raley's)
    Folsom Blvd. & Coloma Rd.     
    LR, 21, 28

    Cordova Village (Walmart & Safeway)
    Folsom Blvd. & Zinfandel Dr.         
    LR, 28

    Cordova Town Center (Target & Mervyn's)
    Folsom Blvd. & Olsen Dr.             
    LR, 28

    Rivergate Shopping Center
    Sunrise Blvd. & Coloma Rd.       21,
    28, 91

    Gold River Town Center
    Sunrise Blvd. & Gold Express Dr.   21,
    28, 91


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      Sacramento Regional Transit District