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A Vision for the Future -
Planning and visioning for Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in the Sacramento Region

One of RTs strategic Plan goals is to integrate transportation and land use planning. To accomplish this goal, RT established a TOD program. The program strives to create transit friendly development that diversifies land uses and enhances pedestrian usage.

A compatible mix of residential, retail, and office well-suited for surrounding neighborhood. Development of high quality, compact, construction, that is also viable, & sustainable that is all within an easy walk - 1/4 -1/2 mile - from transit station

There are a variety of land uses that should be considered for TOD. Retail, Residential, Office and Entertainment.

Mixed use allows for pedestrian friendly street designs with safe routes for pedestrians and bicyclists and convenient access to transit.
Joint Development
Joint development is any project utilizing RT property (including easements) for development. Some property owned by RT was purchased with FTA funding and therefore development of the property will be subject to the Federal Transportation Administration's Joint Development Policy. Please Click Here to go to the website for current policy information.
Any developer interested in Joint Development utilizing any portion of RT's property should first look at the attached list of questions we'll have before contacting us.

California success and statistics
California has implemented TOD in several communities across the state. Here are some of the recent statistics that show the success of Transit Oriented Development and how people who live and/or work within a mile of a transit stop travel.

California TOD Statistics
Travel Characteristics by Station Area Residents*

  • Frequency of Ridership:
  • 29% Everyday
  • 3.5% 2-3 Times per week
  • 3.3% Once a week
  • Percent of trips made by:
  • 66% Vehicle- Alone
  • 24% Rail Transit
  • 4.43%Vehicle- Carpool

Sacramento TOD Office Statistics Commute Trip Mode Shares*
Travel Characteristics by Station Area Office Workers
     % of work trips made by mode:

  • 51.7%Vehicle Alone
  • 15% Rail Transit
  • 14% Bus Transit
  • 8% Vehicle Carpool
  • Out of 6 major California Cities only Berkeley (39%) reported higher transit shares than Sacramento (29%)

*Source: Travel Characteristics of Transit-Oriented Development
in California January 2004 Funded by Caltrans/FTA Section 5313

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