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Regional Transit Facts & Figures (1)

System Quick Facts
Metropolitan Population 1.4 million         
Service Area 418 sq. miles         
Employees 941         
Passenger Miles 127 million         
Ridership (Boarding Passengers/Year) 27.8 million         
Bus Annual Passenger Trips 14.3 million         
Light Rail Annual Passenger Trips 13.5 million         
Operating Costs $147.5 million         
Percentage of Operating Expenses Funded by:

Federal Assistance


State and Local Sales Taxes


Fare Receipts


Other sources


RT Board Members

  Sacramento City Council   4


Sacramento County Board of Supervisors   3


Elk Grove City Council   1
        Citrus Heights City Council   1
       Rancho Cordova City Council   1
       Folsom City Council   1


Significant Dates                                       Back to top
1971 RT was created by the California State Legislature.
1973 RT took over Sacramento Transit Authority.
1987 Light Rail began operation.
1993 RT began operating CNG fueled buses.
1998 First light rail extension to Mather Field/Mills station began operation.
2003 6.3-mile South Corridor extension began operation.
2004 Extension of Folsom Corridor to Sunrise began operation.
2005 Folsom Corridor 10.7-mile extension begins operation.
2006 Folsom Corridor .5-mile extension to Sacramento Valley/Amtrak Station began operation.
2012 Green Line 1.1-mile extension to the River District began operation.


Bus Operations                                          Back to top
Vehicle Fleet (June 2013)  
40 foot CNG 205
Shuttle Buses 23
Total 228

Routes (September 2013)


Peak Period


Supplemental Services 15
Community Bus Service 11


Bus Stops


Average Weekday Passenger Trips


Annual Miles Operated


 Busiest Routes

Avg. Weekday Boardings

#51 Broadway/Stockton 4,700
#81 Florin/65th 3,700
#1 Greenback 3,200


Light Rail Operations                                 Back to top
Vehicles 76
Light Rail Track 38.6 miles
Stations     50
Transfer Centers 31
Park-and-Ride Lots 19
Parking Spaces   7,316
Average Weekday Passenger Trips 47,500
Annual Train miles Operated  4,053,336
Watt/I-80 to Meadowview Run Time 48 minutes
Historic Folsom to Sacramento
Valley Station Run Time
55 minutes
13th Street to 7th & Richards/Township 9 11 minutes
Busiest Stations

Avg. Weekday On & Offs

16th Street 7,100
Meadowview 4,800
St. Rose of Lima Park 3,600


Customer Service Center                               Back to top
Annual Calls Answered


Average Calls Per Month


Annual Photo ID Cards Prepared



ADA Paratransit Service                                Back to top
Service for individuals with disabilities who cannot use RT buses and light rail service.
Annual Passenger Trips Provided


Average Weekday Passenger Trips Scheduled


Annual Service Miles Provided


Annual Vehicle Service Hours





Telephone Information                                   Back to top
Main Office 321-2800 Weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Lost and Found 321-BUSS (2877) Weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
24-hour Information Line 321-BUSS (2877) Recorded information
Telephone Info Center 321-BUSS (2877)
TDD 483-HEAR (4327) Recorded information

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  Sacramento Regional Transit District