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If you see something unusual, say something. Trust your instincts.
Report unattended items.

Check out - See It, Hear It, Report It - RT's Safety and Security Campaign

There have been many steps taken to secure the RT system. But we can't do it on our own. There are just a few hundred RT frontline employees and over 100,000 passengers on weekdays. If you commute on RT, you are probably more familiar with your particular stations and fellow commuters than anyone else, including RT employees. You are the best person to spot when something looks unusual or suspicious. We are asking you to help keep RT safe for everyone by reporting unattended packages or suspicious behavior.

What do we mean by suspicious behavior? Here are some examples:

  • Acting nervous, sweating inappropriately.
  • Taking pictures or videotaping in areas of no interest to the general public.
  • Attempting to get into an area that is off limits.
  • Leaving a package, backpack or briefcase and hurrying away from the area.

Report any unattended items to a RT employee. Here are some points to be aware of when observing a suspicious package:

  • Is it out of the way or hidden;
  • Was it abandoned by someone who quickly left;
  • Does it have lumps, bulges or protrusions like wires, tanks or bottles;
  • Is it surrounded by clouds, mists, gases, vapors or odors;
  • Does it have a threatening message attached to the outside?

What should you do when you observe something out of the ordinary? Report it to a RT employee or contact the local law enforcement agency.

Thank you for helping to keep RT safe and secure.

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