See route map 177-CordoVan - Villages

Zinfandel Plaza Baroque & Corvina Baroque & Corvina
05:54a 06:01a
06:09a 06:16a
06:24a 06:31a
06:39a 06:46a
06:54a 07:01a
07:09a 07:16a
07:24a 07:31a
07:39a 07:46a
07:54a 08:01a
08:09a 08:16a
08:24a 08:31a
08:39a 08:46a
08:54a 09:01a
09:09a 09:16a
09:24a 09:31a
09:54a 10:01a
10:09a 10:16a
10:24a 10:31a
10:54a 11:01a
11:09a 11:16a
11:24a 11:31a
11:54a 12:01p
12:09p 12:16p
12:24p 12:31p
12:54p 12:59p
01:09p 01:14p
01:24p 01:29p
01:54p 01:59p
02:09p 02:14p
02:24p 02:29p
02:54p 02:59p
03:09p 03:14p
03:24p 03:29p
03:39p 03:44p
03:54p 03:59p
04:09p 04:14p
04:24p 04:29p
04:39p 04:44p
04:54p 04:59p
05:09p 05:14p
05:24p 05:29p
05:39p 05:44p
05:54p 05:59p
06:09p 06:14p
06:24p 06:29p
06:39p 06:44p
06:54p 06:59p
Baroque & Corvina Baroque & Corvina Zinfandel Plaza
06:01a 06:06a
06:16a 06:21a
06:31a 06:36a
06:46a 06:51a
07:01a 07:06a
07:16a 07:21a
07:31a 07:36a
07:46a 07:51a
08:01a 08:06a
08:16a 08:21a
08:31a 08:36a
08:46a 08:51a
09:01a 09:06a
09:16a 09:21a
09:31a 09:36a
10:01a 10:06a
10:16a 10:21a
10:31a 10:36a
11:01a 11:06a
11:16a 11:21a
11:31a 11:36a
12:01p 12:06p
12:16p 12:21p
12:31p 12:36p
12:59p 01:06p
01:14p 01:21p
01:29p 01:36p
01:59p 02:06p
02:14p 02:21p
02:29p 02:36p
02:59p 03:06p
03:14p 03:21p
03:29p 03:36p
03:44p 03:51p
03:59p 04:06p
04:14p 04:21p
04:29p 04:36p
04:44p 04:51p
04:59p 05:06p
05:14p 05:21p
05:29p 05:36p
05:44p 05:51p
05:59p 06:06p
06:14p 06:21p
06:29p 06:36p
06:44p 06:51p
06:59p 07:06p

NO Saturday Service

NO Sunday & Holidays Service

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