University/65th Street Bus Stops Temporarily Relocated

Due to an issue with the concrete pad where the buses pull into the University/65th Street Station, all five bus routes that serve the transit center (routes 26, 38, 81, 82 and 87) are temporarily relocated during reconstruction, which started on October 22, 2023 for approximately two months. The new temporary bus stops for those routes is now at the Power Inn Station (located at the corners of Power Inn Road and Folsom Boulevard).

Buses for routes 26, 38, 81, 82 and 87 drop off and pick up passengers near the stairs leading up to the Power Inn Station. Trip times will operate approximately eight to 10 minutes later than the scheduled University/65th Street Station times (i.e., if your bus was scheduled to arrive at the University/65th Street bus bay at 8:20 a.m., it will now pick up at Power Inn Station at approximately 8:30 a.m.).

Attention Sac State riders, bus routes 82 and 87 continue to service the CSUS Transit Center before heading to the Power Inn Station. 

Construction work related to the University/65th Street bus transit center should be completed sometime in mid to late December 2023. Pending final inspection and approval by the City of Sacramento, all five impacted bus routes (26, 38, 81, 82 and 87) will return to service at the University/65th Street bus transit center from the temporary location at the Power Inn Station.  

Since there is not an exact date for the return to service to the University/65th Street Station, SacRT highly encourages customers to frequently check the page for updates, download the free Alert SacRT app, or call the Customer Service line at 916-321-BUSS (2877). As a reminder, light rail service at the University/65th Street Station is not impacted and no other bus stops along those five routes are changed.   

Note that the Power Inn Station has a free park-and-ride lot if you can start your trip at this location.

Attention Sac State Students:

The Hornet Shuttle is offering pick-up and drop-off at the Power Inn Station, since the University/65th Street bus stops are closed. Learn more at

SacRT apologizes in advance for any inconvenience; however, rider and employee safety is our number one priority.

Temporary Bus Stops at Power Inn Station