Tips for Safe Travel on Transit During Winter Weather

January 26, 2021 General, SacRT in Community

Winters in our region can occasionally bring very wet and windy weather! SacRT wants to help make your commute a little bit easier on these stormy days.

1) Give yourself extra time to travel. Buses and trains must run slower than normal to safely transport riders in stormy conditions. Unexpected delays can occur on stormy days. Wind has the potential to knock down tree branches into the road, or even cause power outages that can affect light rail.

2) Keep the bus and train aisles clear. Place your wet umbrella or rain gear under your seat and away from the aisles. This allows others to quickly board and leave the bus or train as needed. It also helps prevent slipping on the wet floor of the bus or train, causing an injury.

3) Keep wet items off the seat. Please keep the bus and train seats dry and clean for others to use.

4) Do not run to the bus or train. Prevent slips and falls in wet weather. Also make sure to take your seat as soon as possible after boarding the bus or train to avoid slipping as the vehicle pulls away.

We encourage riders to download the free Alert SacRT Safety and Security app for real time updates on any light rail delays. For bus information, visit You can also use the RT Tracker at to track your bus arrival in real time.