Time Table effective September 8, 2019

SacRT's new bus network, SacRT Forward launches on Sunday, September 8, 2019.

Route will operate seven days a week. Will add a Saturday and Sunday/Holiday trip from Mather/Mills station at 7:25 a.m. and at 7:25 p.m. and 8:25 p.m. Will also add a trip from Watt/Manlove station at 8:08 p.m.

    72 - ROSEMONT

Mather Field/Mills Rockingham & Mather Field Routier & Rockingham Lincoln Village & Routier Kiefer & Branch Center Watt/Manlove
5:48a     5:57a 6:06a 6:16a
6:18a     6:27a 6:36a 6:46a
6:48a     6:57a 7:06a 7:16a
7:18a     7:27a 7:36a 7:46a
  7:22a 7:26a 7:29a 7:40a 7:52a
    7:36a 7:39a 7:50a 8:02a
7:48a     7:57a 8:06a 8:16a
8:18a     8:27a 8:36a 8:46a
8:48a     8:57a 9:06a 9:16a
9:18a     9:27a 9:36a 9:46a
9:48a     9:57a 10:06a 10:16a
10:18a     10:27a 10:36a 10:46a
10:48a     10:57a 11:06a 11:16a
11:18a     11:27a 11:36a 11:46a
11:48a     11:57a 12:06p 12:16p
12:18p     12:27p 12:36p 12:46p
12:48p     12:57p 1:06p 1:16p
1:18p     1:27p 1:36p 1:46p
1:48p     1:57p 2:06p 2:16p
2:18p     2:27p 2:36p 2:46p
2:48p     2:57p 3:06p 3:16p
3:18p     3:27p 3:36p 3:46p
3:48p     3:57p 4:06p 4:16p
4:18p     4:27p 4:36p 4:46p
4:48p     4:57p 5:06p 5:16p
5:18p     5:27p 5:36p 5:46p
5:48p     5:57p 6:06p 6:16p
6:18p     6:27p 6:36p 6:46p
6:48p     6:57p 7:06p 7:16p
8:00p     8:09p 8:18p 8:27p
9:00p     9:09p 9:18p 9:27p
Watt/Manlove Kiefer & Branch Center Routier & Lincoln Village Mather Field/Mills
5:42a 5:51a 6:01a 6:11a
6:12a 6:21a 6:31a 6:41a
6:42a 6:51a 7:01a 7:11a
7:12a 7:21a 7:31a 7:41a
7:42a 7:51a 8:01a 8:11a
8:12a 8:21a 8:31a 8:41a
8:42a 8:51a 9:01a 9:11a
9:12a 9:21a 9:31a 9:41a
9:42a 9:51a 10:01a 10:11a
10:12a 10:21a 10:31a 10:41a
10:42a 10:51a 11:01a 11:11a
11:12a 11:21a 11:31a 11:41a
11:42a 11:51a 12:01p 12:11p
12:12p 12:21p 12:31p 12:41p
12:42p 12:51p 1:01p 1:11p
1:12p 1:21p 1:31p 1:41p
1:42p 1:51p 2:01p 2:11p
2:12p 2:21p 2:31p 2:41p
2:42p 2:51p 3:01p 3:11p
  3:06p 3:16p 3:27p
3:12p 3:21p 3:31p 3:41p
3:42p 3:51p 4:01p 4:11p
4:12p 4:21p 4:31p 4:41p
4:42p 4:51p 5:01p 5:11p
5:12p 5:21p 5:31p 5:41p
5:42p 5:51p 6:01p 6:11p
6:12p 6:21p 6:31p 6:41p
6:42p 6:51p 7:01p 7:11p
7:19p 7:28p 7:38p 7:48p
8:21p 8:30p 8:39p 8:48p
9:30p 9:39p 9:48p 9:57p
Mather Field/Mills Lincoln Village & Routier Kiefer & Branch Center Watt/Manlove
7:26a 7:35a 7:44a 7:54a
8:26a 8:35a 8:44a 8:54a
9:26a 9:35a 9:44a 9:54a
10:26a 10:35a 10:44a 10:54a
11:26a 11:35a 11:44a 11:54a
12:26p 12:35p 12:44p 12:54p
1:26p 1:35p 1:44p 1:54p
2:26p 2:35p 2:44p 2:54p
3:26p 3:35p 3:44p 3:54p
4:26p 4:35p 4:44p 4:54p
5:26p 5:35p 5:44p 5:54p
6:26p 6:35p 6:44p 6:54p
7:26p 7:35p 7:44p 7:54p
8:35p 8:44p 8:53p 9:03p
Watt/Manlove Kiefer & Branch Center Routier & Lincoln Village Mather Field/Mills
7:54a 8:03a 8:13a 8:22a
8:54a 9:03a 9:13a 9:22a
9:54a 10:03a 10:13a 10:22a
10:54a 11:03a 11:13a 11:22a
11:54a 12:03p 12:13p 12:22p
12:54p 1:03p 1:13p 1:22p
1:54p 2:03p 2:13p 2:22p
2:54p 3:03p 3:13p 3:22p
3:54p 4:03p 4:13p 4:22p
4:54p 5:03p 5:13p 5:22p
5:54p 6:03p 6:13p 6:22p
6:54p 7:03p 7:13p 7:22p
7:54p 8:03p 8:13p 8:22p
Mather Field/Mills Lincoln Village & Routier Kiefer & Branch Center Watt/Manlove
7:25a 7:34a 7:43a 7:53a
8:25a 8:34a 8:43a 8:53a
9:25a 9:34a 9:43a 9:53a
10:25a 10:34a 10:43a 10:53a
11:25a 11:34a 11:43a 11:53a
12:25p 12:34p 12:43p 12:53p
1:25p 1:34p 1:43p 1:53p
2:25p 2:34p 2:43p 2:53p
3:25p 3:34p 3:43p 3:53p
4:25p 4:34p 4:43p 4:53p
5:25p 5:34p 5:43p 5:53p
6:25p 6:34p 6:43p 6:53p
7:25p 7:34p 7:43p 7:53p
Watt/Manlove Kiefer & Branch Center Routier & Lincoln Village Mather Field/Mills
8:08a 8:17a 8:27a 8:36a
9:08a 9:17a 9:27a 9:36a
10:08a 10:17a 10:27a 10:36a
11:08a 11:17a 11:27a 11:36a
12:08p 12:17p 12:27p 12:36p
1:08p 1:17p 1:27p 1:36p
2:08p 2:17p 2:27p 2:36p
3:08p 3:17p 3:27p 3:36p
4:08p 4:17p 4:27p 4:36p
5:08p 5:17p 5:27p 5:36p
6:08p 6:17p 6:27p 6:36p
7:08p 7:17p 7:27p 7:36p
8:08p 8:17p 8:27p 8:36p