Time Table effective September 8, 2019

SacRT's new bus network, SacRT Forward launches on Sunday, September 8, 2019.

New route running similar to old Route 13 beginning from Arden/Del Paso Station and one trip beginning at Truxel Road. New route called North Market Commuter.


Truxel & Gateway Park Northgate & North Market Northgate & West El Camino Arden/Del Paso
7:01a 7:12a    
12:35p 12:46p 12:56p 1:05p
3:56p 4:07p 4:17p 4:26p
5:05p 5:16p 5:26p 5:35p
Arden/Del Paso Northgate & West El Camino North Market & Northgate Truxel & Gateway Park
6:23a 6:30a 6:41a 6:51a
7:23a 7:30a 7:41a 7:51a
11:58a 12:05p 12:16p 12:26p
No Saturday Service

No Sunday and Holidays Service