Time Table effective September 8, 2019

SacRT's new bus network, SacRT Forward launches on Sunday, September 8, 2019.

The previous Route 34 will become a peak only route and the number would change to Route 134 and renamed McKinley Commuter.


CSUS Admin Bldg Carlson & Sandburg CSUS Admin Bldg F & 52nd F & 30th Downtown F & 12th Downtown 7th & Capitol Downtown 8th & O
6:03a 6:14a 6:16a 6:21a 6:29a 6:35a 6:41a 6:44a
7:03a 7:14a 7:16a 7:21a 7:29a 7:35a 7:41a 7:44a
8:03a 8:14a 8:16a 8:21a 8:29a 8:36a 8:44a 8:47a
Downtown 8th & O Downtown 8th & K Downtown F & 12th F & 29th F & 52nd CSUS Admin Bldg Carlson & Sandburg CSUS Admin Bldg
2:30p 2:33p 2:37p 2:44p 2:52p 2:58p 3:09p 3:11p
3:20p 3:23p 3:27p 3:34p 3:42p 3:48p 3:59p 4:01p
4:20p 4:23p 4:27p 4:34p 4:42p 4:48p 4:59p 5:01p
5:20p 5:23p 5:27p 5:34p 5:42p 5:48p 5:59p 6:01p
No Saturday Service

No Sunday and Holidays Service