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    177 - CordoVan - Villages

Zinfandel Plaza Baroque & Corvina Baroque & Corvina
5:54a 6:01a  
6:09a 6:16a  
6:24a 6:31a  
6:39a 6:46a  
6:54a 7:01a  
7:09a 7:16a  
7:24a 7:31a  
7:39a 7:46a  
7:54a 8:01a  
8:09a 8:16a  
8:24a 8:31a  
8:39a 8:46a  
8:54a 9:01a  
9:09a 9:16a  
9:24a 9:31a  
9:54a 10:01a  
10:09a 10:16a  
10:24a 10:31a  
10:54a 11:01a  
11:09a 11:16a  
11:24a 11:31a  
11:54a 12:01p  
12:09p 12:16p  
12:24p 12:31p  
12:54p   12:59p
1:09p   1:14p
1:24p   1:29p
1:54p   1:59p
2:09p   2:14p
2:24p   2:29p
2:54p   2:59p
3:09p   3:14p
3:24p   3:29p
3:39p   3:44p
3:54p   3:59p
4:09p   4:14p
4:24p   4:29p
4:39p   4:44p
4:54p   4:59p
5:09p   5:14p
5:24p   5:29p
5:39p   5:44p
5:54p   5:59p
6:09p   6:14p
6:24p   6:29p
6:39p   6:44p
6:54p   6:59p
Baroque & Corvina Baroque & Corvina Zinfandel Plaza
6:01a   6:06a
6:16a   6:21a
6:31a   6:36a
6:46a   6:51a
7:01a   7:06a
7:16a   7:21a
7:31a   7:36a
7:46a   7:51a
8:01a   8:06a
8:16a   8:21a
8:31a   8:36a
8:46a   8:51a
9:01a   9:06a
9:16a   9:21a
9:31a   9:36a
10:01a   10:06a
10:16a   10:21a
10:31a   10:36a
11:01a   11:06a
11:16a   11:21a
11:31a   11:36a
12:01p   12:06p
12:16p   12:21p
12:31p   12:36p
  12:59p 1:06p
  1:14p 1:21p
  1:29p 1:36p
  1:59p 2:06p
  2:14p 2:21p
  2:29p 2:36p
  2:59p 3:06p
  3:14p 3:21p
  3:29p 3:36p
  3:44p 3:51p
  3:59p 4:06p
  4:14p 4:21p
  4:29p 4:36p
  4:44p 4:51p
  4:59p 5:06p
  5:14p 5:21p
  5:29p 5:36p
  5:44p 5:51p
  5:59p 6:06p
  6:14p 6:21p
  6:29p 6:36p
  6:44p 6:51p
  6:59p 7:06p
No Saturday Service

No Sunday and Holidays Service