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Monday through Friday

Rush River & Windbridge To 8th & F

Rush River & Windbridge Greenhaven & Florin South Land Park Dr & 35th Ave Land Park Dr & 14th Ave Land Park Dr & Broadway 8th & O 8th & K 8th & F
6:13a 6:20a 6:30a 6:35a 6:40a 6:48a 6:51a 6:54a
7:13a 7:20a 7:30a 7:35a 7:40a 7:48a 7:51a 7:54a
8:13a 8:20a 8:30a 8:35a 8:40a 8:48a 8:51a 8:54a
9:13a 9:20a 9:30a 9:35a 9:40a 9:48a 9:51a 9:54a
10:13a 10:20a 10:30a 10:35a 10:40a 10:48a 10:51a 10:54a
11:13a 11:20a 11:30a 11:35a 11:40a 11:48a 11:51a 11:54a
12:13p 12:20p 12:30p 12:35p 12:40p 12:48p 12:51p 12:54p
1:13p 1:20p 1:30p 1:35p 1:40p 1:48p 1:51p 1:54p
2:13p 2:20p 2:30p 2:35p 2:40p 2:48p 2:51p 2:54p
3:13p 3:20p 3:30p 3:35p 3:40p 3:48p 3:51p 3:54p
4:13p 4:20p 4:30p 4:35p 4:40p 4:48p 4:51p 4:54p
5:13p 5:20p 5:30p 5:35p 5:40p 5:48p 5:51p 5:54p
6:13p 6:20p 6:30p 6:35p 6:40p 6:48p 6:51p 6:54p
7:13p 7:20p 7:30p 7:35p 7:40p 7:48p 7:51p 7:54p

Monday through Friday

8th & F To Rush River & Windbridge

8th & F 7th & Capitol 7th & O Land Park Dr & Broadway Land Park Dr & 14th Ave South Land Park Dr & 35th Ave Greenhaven & Florin Rush River & Windbridge
7:07a 7:10a 7:12a 7:19a 7:22a 7:27a 7:34a 7:39a
8:07a 8:10a 8:12a 8:19a 8:22a 8:27a 8:34a 8:39a
9:07a 9:10a 9:12a 9:21a 9:25a 9:31a 9:40a 9:45a
10:07a 10:10a 10:12a 10:21a 10:25a 10:31a 10:40a 10:45a
11:07a 11:10a 11:12a 11:21a 11:25a 11:31a 11:40a 11:45a
12:07p 12:10p 12:12p 12:21p 12:25p 12:31p 12:40p 12:45p
1:07p 1:10p 1:12p 1:21p 1:25p 1:31p 1:40p 1:45p
2:07p 2:10p 2:12p 2:21p 2:25p 2:31p 2:40p 2:45p
3:07p 3:10p 3:12p 3:21p 3:25p 3:31p 3:40p 3:45p
4:07p 4:10p 4:12p 4:21p 4:25p 4:31p 4:40p 4:45p
5:07p 5:10p 5:12p 5:21p 5:25p 5:31p 5:40p 5:45p
6:07p 6:10p 6:12p 6:21p 6:25p 6:31p 6:40p 6:45p
7:07p 7:10p 7:12p 7:21p 7:25p 7:31p 7:40p 7:45p


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Sunday and Holidays

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