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Monday through Friday

Truxel & Gateway Park To Arden/Del Paso

Truxel & Gateway Park Northgate & North Market Northgate & West El Camino Arden/Del Paso
5:56a 6:08a 6:18a 6:27a
6:56a 7:08a 7:18a 7:27a
7:56a 8:08a 8:18a 8:27a
8:56a 9:08a 9:18a 9:27a
9:56a 10:08a 10:18a 10:27a
10:56a 11:08a 11:18a 11:27a
11:56a 12:08p 12:18p 12:27p
12:56p 1:08p 1:18p 1:27p
1:56p 2:08p 2:18p 2:27p
2:56p 3:08p 3:18p 3:27p
3:56p 4:08p 4:18p 4:27p
4:56p 5:08p 5:18p 5:27p
5:56p 6:08p 6:18p 6:27p
6:56p 7:08p 7:18p 7:27p
7:56p 8:08p 8:18p 8:27p

Monday through Friday

Arden/Del Paso To Truxel & Gateway Park

Arden/Del Paso Northgate & West El Camino North Market & Northgate Truxel & Gateway Park
6:23a 6:30a 6:41a 6:51a
7:08a 7:15a 7:26a 7:36a
7:23a 7:30a 7:41a 7:51a
8:23a 8:30a 8:41a 8:51a
9:23a 9:30a 9:41a 9:51a
10:23a 10:30a 10:41a 10:51a
11:23a 11:30a 11:41a 11:51a
12:23p 12:30p 12:41p 12:51p
1:23p 1:30p 1:41p 1:51p
2:23p 2:30p 2:41p 2:51p
3:23p 3:30p 3:41p 3:51p
4:23p 4:30p 4:41p 4:51p
5:23p 5:30p 5:41p 5:51p
6:23p 6:30p 6:41p 6:51p
7:23p 7:30p 7:41p 7:51p
8:23p 8:30p 8:41p 8:51p


No Saturday Service

Sunday and Holidays

No Sunday and Holidays Service