See route map 015-DEL PASO HEIGHTS

Watt/I-80 Grand & Marysville Arden/Del Paso
05:45a 05:51a 06:04a
06:11a 06:18a 06:31a
06:44a 06:51a 07:04a
07:11a 07:19a 07:34a
07:41a 07:49a 08:04a
08:11a 08:19a 08:34a
08:41a 08:49a 09:04a
09:12a 09:19a 09:34a
09:42a 09:49a 10:04a
10:12a 10:19a 10:34a
10:42a 10:49a 11:04a
11:12a 11:19a 11:34a
11:42a 11:49a 12:04p
12:12p 12:19p 12:34p
12:42p 12:49p 01:04p
01:12p 01:19p 01:34p
01:42p 01:49p 02:04p
02:12p 02:19p 02:34p
02:41p 02:49p 03:04p
03:11p 03:19p 03:34p
03:41p 03:49p 04:04p
04:11p 04:19p 04:34p
04:41p 04:49p 05:04p
05:12p 05:19p 05:34p
05:58p 06:05p 06:19p
06:28p 06:35p 06:49p
07:12p 07:19p 07:33p
08:12p 08:19p 08:33p
Arden/Del Paso Grand & Marysville Watt/I-80
06:41a 06:55a 07:02a
07:11a 07:27a 07:34a
07:41a 07:57a 08:04a
08:11a 08:27a 08:34a
08:41a 08:57a 09:04a
09:11a 09:27a 09:34a
09:41a 09:57a 10:04a
10:11a 10:27a 10:34a
10:41a 10:57a 11:04a
11:11a 11:27a 11:34a
11:41a 11:57a 12:04p
12:11p 12:27p 12:34p
12:41p 12:58p 01:05p
01:11p 01:28p 01:35p
01:41p 01:58p 02:05p
02:11p 02:28p 02:35p
02:41p 02:58p 03:05p
03:11p 03:29p 03:38p
03:41p 03:59p 04:08p
04:11p 04:29p 04:38p
04:41p 04:59p 05:08p
05:11p 05:25p 05:32p
05:41p 05:55p 06:02p
06:11p 06:25p 06:32p
06:41p 06:55p 07:02p
07:11p 07:25p 07:32p
08:00p 08:14p 08:21p
09:00p 09:14p 09:21p
Watt/I-80 Grand & Marysville Arden/Del Paso
07:04a 07:11a 07:25a
08:04a 08:11a 08:25a
08:34a 08:41a 08:55a
09:04a 09:11a 09:25a
09:34a 09:41a 09:55a
10:04a 10:11a 10:25a
10:34a 10:41a 10:55a
11:04a 11:11a 11:25a
11:34a 11:41a 11:55a
12:04p 12:11p 12:25p
12:34p 12:41p 12:55p
01:04p 01:11p 01:25p
01:34p 01:41p 01:55p
02:04p 02:11p 02:25p
02:34p 02:41p 02:55p
03:04p 03:11p 03:25p
03:34p 03:41p 03:55p
04:04p 04:11p 04:25p
04:34p 04:41p 04:55p
05:04p 05:11p 05:25p
05:34p 05:41p 05:55p
06:04p 06:11p 06:25p
06:34p 06:41p 06:55p
07:04p 07:11p 07:25p
07:34p 07:41p 07:55p
08:04p 08:11p 08:25p
Arden/Del Paso Grand & Marysville Watt/I-80
07:07a 07:22a 07:29a
08:07a 08:22a 08:29a
08:37a 08:52a 08:59a
09:07a 09:22a 09:29a
09:37a 09:52a 09:59a
10:07a 10:22a 10:29a
10:37a 10:52a 10:59a
11:07a 11:22a 11:29a
11:37a 11:52a 11:59a
12:07p 12:22p 12:29p
12:37p 12:52p 12:59p
01:07p 01:22p 01:29p
01:37p 01:52p 01:59p
02:07p 02:22p 02:29p
02:37p 02:52p 02:59p
03:07p 03:22p 03:29p
03:37p 03:52p 03:59p
04:07p 04:22p 04:29p
04:37p 04:52p 04:59p
05:07p 05:22p 05:29p
05:37p 05:52p 05:59p
06:07p 06:22p 06:29p
06:37p 06:52p 06:59p
07:07p 07:22p 07:29p
07:37p 07:52p 07:59p
08:07p 08:22p 08:29p
Watt/I-80 Grand & Marysville Arden/Del Paso
08:06a 08:13a 08:26a
09:06a 09:13a 09:26a
09:47a 09:54a 10:07a
10:32a 10:39a 10:52a
11:17a 11:24a 11:37a
12:02p 12:09p 12:22p
12:47p 12:54p 01:07p
01:32p 01:39p 01:52p
02:17p 02:24p 02:37p
03:02p 03:09p 03:22p
03:47p 03:54p 04:07p
04:32p 04:39p 04:52p
05:17p 05:24p 05:37p
06:02p 06:09p 06:22p
06:47p 06:54p 07:07p
07:32p 07:39p 07:52p
08:16p 08:23p 08:36p
Arden/Del Paso Grand & Marysville Watt/I-80
08:34a 08:49a 08:57a
09:17a 09:32a 09:40a
10:02a 10:17a 10:25a
10:47a 11:02a 11:10a
11:32a 11:47a 11:55a
12:17p 12:32p 12:40p
01:02p 01:17p 01:25p
01:47p 02:02p 02:10p
02:32p 02:47p 02:55p
03:17p 03:32p 03:40p
04:02p 04:17p 04:25p
04:47p 05:02p 05:10p
05:32p 05:47p 05:55p
06:17p 06:32p 06:40p
07:02p 07:17p 07:25p
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