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Monday through Friday

Dewey & Madison To 7th & O

Dewey & Madison California & Fair Oaks Fair Oaks & Marconi Fair Oaks & Arden Arden & Watt Arden & Fulton Arden Fair Mall & Challenge 7th & O
6:22a 6:30a 6:36a 6:40a 6:46a 6:50a 6:56a 7:10a
6:46a 6:55a 7:02a 7:07a 7:13a 7:17a 7:23a 7:40a

Monday through Friday

8th & O To Dewey & Madison

8th & O 8th & K Arden Fair Mall & Challenge Arden & Fulton Arden & Watt Fair Oaks & Arden Palm & Fair Oaks California & Fair Oaks Dewey & Madison
4:35p 4:38p 4:56p 5:08p 5:12p 5:20p 5:26p 5:32p 5:40p
5:05p 5:08p 5:31p 5:41p 5:45p 5:52p 5:57p 6:03p 6:11p


No Saturday Service

Sunday and Holidays

No Sunday and Holidays Service