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Monday through Friday

Antelope & Roseville To Sunrise Mall Main Term

Antelope & Roseville Auburn & Sylvan Sunrise Mall Main Term
6:34a 6:42a 6:54a
7:34a 7:42a 7:54a
8:34a 8:42a 8:54a
9:34a 9:42a 9:54a
10:34a 10:42a 10:54a
11:34a 11:42a 11:54a
12:34p 12:42p 12:54p
1:34p 1:42p 1:54p
2:34p 2:42p 2:54p
3:34p 3:42p 3:54p
4:34p 4:42p 4:54p
5:34p 5:42p 5:54p

Monday through Friday

Sunrise Mall Main Term To Antelope & Roseville

Sunrise Mall Main Term Auburn & Sylvan Antelope & Roseville
7:09a 7:20a 7:29a
8:09a 8:20a 8:29a
9:09a 9:20a 9:29a
10:09a 10:20a 10:29a
11:09a 11:20a 11:29a
12:09p 12:20p 12:29p
1:09p 1:20p 1:29p
2:09p 2:20p 2:29p
3:09p 3:20p 3:29p
4:09p 4:20p 4:29p
5:09p 5:20p 5:29p


No Saturday Service

Sunday and Holidays

No Sunday and Holidays Service