212 - 14TH AVE - 21ST AVE

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Monday through Friday

Sim Park Logan & Stallings To N St & Rodeo

Logan & Stallings 79th St & 35th Ave 21st Ave & Quonset 14th Ave & 60th 59th St & Broadway 39th Street Light Rail N St & Rodeo
7:14a 7:18a 7:23a 7:33a 7:38a 7:45a 7:50a

Monday through Friday

N St & Rodeo To Sim Park Logan & Stallings

N St & Rodeo 39th Street Light Rail 59th St & Broadway 14th Ave & 60th 21st Ave & Quonset 79th St & 35th Ave Logan & Stallings
3:16p 3:21p 3:27p 3:33p 3:38p 3:42p 3:45p


No Saturday Service

Sunday and Holidays

No Sunday and Holidays Service