See route map 519-LIGHT RAIL GREEN LINE

7th & Richards/Township 9 Downtown 7th & Capitol 13th Street Light Rail
05:59a 06:05a 06:10a
06:29a 06:35a 06:40a
06:59a 07:05a 07:10a
07:29a 07:35a 07:40a
07:59a 08:05a 08:10a
08:29a 08:35a 08:40a
08:59a 09:05a 09:10a
09:29a 09:35a 09:40a
09:59a 10:05a 10:10a
10:29a 10:35a 10:40a
10:59a 11:05a 11:10a
11:29a 11:35a 11:40a
11:59a 12:05p 12:10p
12:29p 12:35p 12:40p
12:59p 01:05p 01:10p
01:29p 01:35p 01:40p
01:59p 02:05p 02:10p
02:29p 02:35p 02:40p
02:59p 03:05p 03:10p
03:29p 03:35p 03:40p
03:59p 04:05p 04:10p
04:29p 04:35p 04:40p
04:59p 05:05p 05:10p
05:29p 05:35p 05:40p
05:59p 06:05p 06:10p
06:29p 06:35p 06:40p
06:59p 07:05p 07:10p
07:29p 07:35p 07:40p
07:59p 08:05p 08:10p
08:29p 08:35p 08:40p
13th Street Light Rail Downtown 9th & K St Rose of Lima Light Rail 7th & Richards/Township 9
06:13a 06:19a 06:24a
06:43a 06:49a 06:54a
07:13a 07:19a 07:24a
07:43a 07:49a 07:54a
08:13a 08:19a 08:24a
08:43a 08:49a 08:54a
09:13a 09:19a 09:24a
09:43a 09:49a 09:54a
10:13a 10:19a 10:24a
10:43a 10:49a 10:54a
11:13a 11:19a 11:24a
11:43a 11:49a 11:54a
12:13p 12:19p 12:24p
12:43p 12:49p 12:54p
01:13p 01:19p 01:24p
01:43p 01:49p 01:54p
02:13p 02:19p 02:24p
02:43p 02:49p 02:54p
03:13p 03:19p 03:24p
03:43p 03:49p 03:54p
04:13p 04:19p 04:24p
04:43p 04:49p 04:54p
05:13p 05:19p 05:24p
05:43p 05:49p 05:54p
06:13p 06:19p 06:24p
06:43p 06:49p 06:54p
07:13p 07:19p 07:24p
07:43p 07:49p 07:54p
08:13p 08:19p 08:24p

NO Saturday Service

NO Sunday & Holidays Service

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SacRT Routes – Sacramento Regional Transit District
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