SacRT GO Supplemental Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

April 5, 2022 General

Is the SacRT GO supplemental service provided by UZURV the same type of service provided by local taxi, Lyft, or Uber-type services?  

UZURV is an adaptive Transportation Network Company that specializes in paratransit and non-emergency medical transportation. It is similar to Lyft and Uber in that the service is classified as a TNC with independent contractors as Drivers, however, the service is provided as supplemental assistance to already established transit agencies.  

What happens when a UZURV Driver does not show up within 10 minutes after the pick-up time?  

UZURV follows the SacRT GO Paratransit Services Rider’s Guide, including the pickup window time. If the Driver has not started the trip when the pickup window expires, the rider is encouraged to call SacRT GO Where’s My Bus at 916-321-2877, option 2, option 3, to check the status of the ride.  

Will SMS text messages be sent to riders to tell them that the trip is a UZURV or SacRT GO trip?  

SMS messages will continue to reach riders regardless of who the provider is. Riders’ whose trip is being provided for by UZURV will receive an SMS message when the driver is on the way to the pickup location. 

What happens if a UZURV Driver cannot get through a privacy gate?  

Each Rider profile includes notes regarding the Rider’s Trip. These notes will identify the privacy gate code if provided at reservation time. If the Driver does not have the privacy gate code, UZURV will contact SacRT GO. SacRT GO will contact the Rider to obtain the information and provide it to the UZURV Driver 

For the quickest resolution: The UZURV Driver can contact the Rider directly through the Driver App (all phone #’s are masked) to confirm the privacy gate code. If contact is unsuccessful, the Driver will take the next steps with SacRT GO to reach the Rider.  

If I have multiple rides for a day, will my ride be only with a UZURV Driver?  

SacRT GO cannot guarantee who your Driver will be; this is true for UZURV Drivers. You may see a SacRT GO Driver and vehicle on the first leg of your trip but may see a UZURV vehicle on the second or third leg of your trip. For more information regarding your trips, please call SacRT GO Where’s My Bus at 916-321-2877, option 2, option 3. 

How do I identify the UZURV vehicle? Will there be an SacRT GO logo and/or UZURV logo on the vehicle? 

UZURV Drivers will be operating passenger vehicles (cars, SUVs, vans). There will be a UZURV logo displayed on the front left windshield of the car as well as a SacRT GO logo displayed on the curb-side passenger door of the vehicle. Finally, Drivers are required to identify themselves and present their UZURV Driver ID to the Rider before ride execution of the Trip. 


What happens if a UZURV Driver refuses to transport a passenger for any reason? 

A UZURV Driver, as well as the rider, must follow the SacRT GO Paratransit Services Rider’s Guide. If the Driver refuses to transport the passenger, the Driver must contact UZURV dispatch to explain why. UZURV dispatch will contact SacRT GO staff for direction.  

For the quickest resolution, the rider is encouraged to contact SacRT GO immediately whenever when faced with an issue regarding the trip.  

Will the rider be permitted to ride in the front passenger seat of a UZURV vehicle?  

The TSA has extended the mask mandate on public transportation to April 18, 2022. Although there are no policies against utilizing the front passenger seat, out of an abundance of COVID-19 caution for the rider and the Driver, riders will be asked to sit in the back seats.  

What happens if a UZURV Driver gets lost?  

UZURV Drivers will be using a UZURV Driver App, which includes GPS navigation.  

Are the UZURV dispatchers local?  

UZURV dispatch is not local; they have a direct, dedicated line to the SacRT GO team.

What is the percentage of accessible UZURV vehicles?  

UZURV will provide supplemental service to SacRT GO only by assisting with the ambulatory trips for the SacRT GO service. SacRT GO will continue to provide accessible trips for all SacRT GO services.  

Are UZURV vehicles owned by SacRT or the UZURV Driver?  

Vehicles operated by UZURV Drivers are owned by UZURV Drivers. Each UZURV Driver is required to perform daily pre-trip inspections as well as annual vehicle inspections while operating for UZURV 

Do the UZURV Drivers need to possess a Class B license to be a Driver?  

UZURV Drivers do not need to possess a Class B license.