Contactless Fare Payment Option Available On Board All SacRT Light Rail Trains

June 1, 2022 General, SacRT in Community

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The Cash App Card is great for riders who do not have a bank card.  The Cash Card is a free, customizable, and contactless-enabled Visa debit card offered through Cash App. The Cash Card rewards program called Boost offers instant discounts to select retailers, and there is currently a Boost for $1 off each light rail ride on SacRT.

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SacRT light rail riders can tap to ride using contactless fare payment devices on all light rail trains.

SacRT partnered with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)VisaLittlepay, and SC Soft to offer a contactless method for payment on board light rail trains, which will help improve the customer experience. The innovative touch-free fare payment technology allows riders to tap a contactless credit, debit, prepaid card, or contactless-enabled mobile or wearable device (e.g., smartwatch) to pay fare when boarding light rail trains.

SacRT is the first transit agency in California to introduce a contactless payment solution on light rail train system as part of the California Integrated Travel Project (Cal-ITP), a Caltrans initiative to facilitate easy and accessible travel planning and payments. 

During the initial demonstration period, only the basic single ride fare will be available. SacRT is looking into discount fare options in the future.   

The contactless payment option is limited, initially, to the light rail system (it will not be available on buses) and focuses on establishing an improved rider experience.  

Types of Contactless Payment Accepted  

Cost to Ride Using the Contactless Fare Payment Devices  

Fare is calculated automatically based on the number of trips taken in a day and charged to your card’s account like a standard credit or debit card transaction with the description “SacRT Tap to Ride.” 

Fares paid via contactless payment will cost the same as fares paid via Connect Cards or ZipPass: $2.50 full fare. No other discount fares are available using contactless payment at this time. You can still pay the discounted fare when you board a train, but you will have to use a Connect Card, ZipPass, or cash. 

Contactless payments for trips made on light rail will be capped at $7—the same value as a Connect Card Daily Pass. To take advantage of fare capping, you must always use the same payment method to tap on for your trip 

More details on fare capping is available in the Frequently Asked Questions below.  

View Contactless Fare Transactions History

To view recent SacRT light rail fare transactions and print a receipt, visit SacRT’s Customer Transactions Inquiry Page at or check your bank card statement.

Learn more about how to use contactless payment on light rail: 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Spanish (Espanol) Frequently Asked Questions

SacRT Light Rail Service Map: 



Learn How to Use Contactless Payment on Light Rail

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