Light Rail Modernization Project: Passing Track at Glenn Station 

January 5, 2023 General

The 15-minute service at Folsom area stations is currently impeded because only a single track serves between the Hazel Station and the Historic Folsom Station. As a result, eastbound light rail trains traveling from downtown Sacramento to Historic Folsom, and westbound trains traveling from historic Folsom to downtown Sacramento must use the same track.

Installing a second track, or a “passing track,” near Glenn/Robert G Holderness Station provides SacRT with the opportunity to modernize its light rail system and increase service to the City of Folsom. The second track will enable light rail trains to operate eastbound and westbound between the Sunrise and Historic Folsom stations with minimal delay.

The construction work will start in winter of 2023 and station closures and bus shuttle service will begin in summer 2023. SacRT will be sharing additional information with the riders and the public about the construction process, including visual and audio messages for riders.

Construction is expected to be complete by spring 2024. Upon project completion, trains will arrive in, and depart from, Historic Folsom every 15 minutes.

Folsom Light Rail