Light Rail Modernization Project

December 1, 2023 General, SacRT in Community


Rider Alert: Gold Line Station Platform Changes
Station platform construction on the Gold Line is nearly complete. SacRT is reminding riders to watch their step and keep their eyes focused when walking in the station as the platforms have been raised to meet the height requirement of the new low-floor light rail trains. Riders are urged to cross the stations at the ends of each platform and not in the middle of the station. 


The Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) is modernizing our light rail system to make future travel easier, safer, and more convenient for our riders. It is the biggest project in our history and will take five years to complete. Construction is scheduled to take place from 2023 to 2027.


SacRT’s light rail line, first opened in 1987, is aging. Train cars are reaching the end of their useful life and stations need to be updated. For instance, stations currently allow ADA access only for the front train car. Also, all other passengers are required to climb stairs to get into trains.


The multi-phased improvement program includes three major highlights:

  1. Purchasing a new fleet of low-floor trains that allow passengers to directly enter trains at nearly floor level. Passengers using mobility devices may board the train using a passenger deployed bridge plate and ramp assembly.
  2. Reconfiguring light rail station platforms, in sequence over time, to accommodate the new low-floor trains.
  3. Adding a passing track to operate 15-minute service between Sunrise and Historic Folsom stations, rather than the existing 30-minute service.


Station construction work started on the first Gold Line stations in winter 2023 and is expected to continue through 2027. As work progresses on the Gold Line, station platform modifications will transition to work on Blue Line stations.


The project requires temporarily closing stations for a few days while that station’s platform is modified to meet the height requirements of the new low-floor light rail vehicles. The construction plan involves closing stations during weekends, in order to minimize disruption to the light rail system. Details available at


SacRT has received funding for a total of 45 new low-floor light rail trains. SacRT is contracted with Siemens Mobility to order up to 76 new vehicles. The first trains are being tested and are scheduled to go into service in late summer 2024. Details available at


Bus bridges (special shuttle buses) are in place during late-night hours on the north area Blue Line between Watt/I-80 and Royal Oaks stations to allow SacRT to use that track section for testing of new low-floor trains. SacRT is also testing the new low-floor trains each day between noon and 2 p.m. Details available at:


Installing a second track, or a “passing track,” near Glenn/Robert G Holderness Station provides SacRT with the opportunity to increase service to the City of Folsom. The second track will enable light rail trains to operate eastbound and westbound between the Sunrise and Historic Folsom stations to provide 15-minute service. Details available at


Aerial View of Project Location 

Folsom Gold Line Double Track Final IS-MND 

Folsom Double Track MMRP Final 

Folsom Double Track NEPA CatEx with approval

Folsom Double Track FTA NEPA CE Determination SacRT

For more information about the project email:


March 14, 2022: SacRT Board approves construction contract with Aldridge Electric for the Light Rail Modernization 15-Minute Service to Folsom.   

January 13, 2022:  Folsom Gold Line Double Track Final IS-MND and Folsom Double Track MMRP Final was approved at the SacRT Board meeting.

December 9, 2019: A public meeting was held to provide members of the public an opportunity to make verbal comments on the Draft IS/MND. The meeting was held during SacRT’s regularly scheduled Board meeting.

June 20, 2019: A public meeting was held at the Rancho Cordova City Hall.

April 17, 2019: A public meeting was held at the Folsom Community Center.