Gold Line Station Platform Modifications Complete

June 16, 2024 General, SacRT in Community

SacRT is working on final preparations to launch new low-floor trains later this summer. SacRT has completed construction on all Gold Line stations and is currently completing the testing process on 16 of the 20 new low-floor light rail trains. 

The trains are undergoing a rigorous testing process, which includes a minimum of 1,000 miles of pre-revenue service. These tests are required to ensure the new low-floor light rail vehicles are safe and reliable before passengers get on board.  Learn more at

SacRT is also continuing construction efforts to add a passing track to provide 15-minute service frequency to Folsom area stations. Once construction is complete, the new low-floor trains will operate on the Gold Line between Sacramento Valley Station and Historic Folsom Station.  

The new low-floor vehicles are designed to offer a smoother and more accessible ride, particularly for passengers with disabilities, seniors, and those with strollers or bicycles. All passengers will board the new low-floor trains from the platform level, and riders in mobility devices or those needing to use the deployable ramp, can use the two middle doors.  

Important Update for Blue Line Riders: SacRT will continue to operate the high-floor trains on the Blue Line. The transition to low-floor vehicles on this line is anticipated in 2027, once the station platform construction is completed and additional light rail vehicles are purchased. 

A look at the Gold Line station platform construction from February 2023 through June 2024.


Learn more about the project at

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