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     Sacramento Regional Transit District Police Services

Mission Statement

The mission of Regional Transit Police Services is to provide safety and security for the SacRT system. We will strive to do this by providing dedicated, specially trained officers who will work in partnership with SacRT and the community to define and find solutions to problems which confront those who support, ride or operate the trains and buses of SacRT.

About Us

SacRT has an extremely proactive in-house security team of 68 transit agents who are supported by a team of 28 sworn officers who are assigned by both the Sacramento Police Department and Sheriff's Department. SacRT also contracts for private armed security when needed by Regional Transit Police Services. Sworn officers patrol the system by car, while transit agents patrol by foot and by riding light rail trains.

Our team of in-house agents are tasked with customers service and with fare enforcement. It is our belief that fare enforcement sends the message that the rule of law is in force on light rail trains. This stance has helped to reduce fare evasion and loitering on trains and at light rail stations. The SacRT Board of Directors implemented a Fare Paid Zone policy at every s June 2017 an effectively eliminated loitering at light rail stations.A dedicated to transit policing they are able to respond to customer needs in a more timely and efficient manner, thereby raising the level of security on the system.

Regional Transit Police Services officers participate in training and education outreach programs to employees and the public.
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