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Monday through Friday

United Gospel Mission To E St & 12th

United Gospel Mission Richards & Dos Rios E St & 12th
6:16a   6:22a
  6:44a 6:52a
  7:04a 7:12a
  7:24a 7:32a
  7:44a 7:52a
  8:14a 8:22a
  8:34a 8:42a
  8:54a 9:02a
  9:14a 9:22a
  9:44a 9:52a
  10:04a 10:12a
  10:24a 10:32a
  10:44a 10:52a
  11:14a 11:22a
  11:34a 11:42a
  11:54a 12:02p
  12:14p 12:22p
  12:44p 12:52p
  1:04p 1:12p
  1:24p 1:32p
  1:44p 1:52p
  2:14p 2:22p
  2:34p 2:42p
  2:54p 3:02p
  3:14p 3:22p
  3:44p 3:52p
  4:04p 4:12p
  4:24p 4:32p
  4:44p 4:52p
  5:14p 5:22p

Monday through Friday

E St & 12th To United Gospel Mission

E St & 12th Richards & Dos Rios Richards & Dos Rios United Gospel Mission
6:34a 6:41a    
6:54a 7:01a    
7:14a 7:21a    
7:34a 7:41a    
8:04a 8:11a    
8:24a 8:31a    
8:44a 8:51a    
9:04a 9:11a    
9:34a 9:41a    
9:54a 10:01a    
10:14a 10:21a    
10:34a 10:41a    
11:04a 11:11a    
11:24a 11:31a    
11:44a 11:51a    
12:04p 12:11p    
12:34p 12:41p    
12:54p 1:01p    
1:14p 1:21p    
1:34p 1:41p    
2:04p 2:11p    
2:24p 2:31p    
2:44p 2:51p    
3:04p 3:11p    
3:34p 3:41p    
3:54p 4:01p    
4:14p 4:21p    
4:34p 4:41p    
5:04p 5:11p    
5:34p   5:41p 5:45p


No Saturday Service

Sunday and Holidays

No Sunday and Holidays Service