SacRT transit services will continue as an essential service during the limited Stay at Home Order. The order requires non-essential work, movement and gatherings to stop between 10 pm and 5 am in Sacramento County. Visit to learn more


Mather Field/Mills Butterfield
6:43a 6:54a
7:13a 7:24a
7:43a 7:54a
8:13a 8:24a
8:43a 8:54a
9:13a 9:24a
9:43a 9:54a
10:28a 10:39a
10:58a 11:09a
11:28a 11:39a
11:58a 12:09p
12:28p 12:39p
12:58p 1:09p
1:28p 1:39p
1:58p 2:09p
2:28p 2:39p
2:58p 3:09p
3:28p 3:39p
3:58p 4:09p
4:43p 4:54p
5:13p 5:24p
5:43p 5:54p
6:13p 6:24p
6:43p 6:54p
7:13p 7:24p
7:43p 7:54p
8:13p 8:24p
Butterfield Mather Field/Mills
6:06a 6:16a
6:36a 6:46a
7:06a 7:16a
7:36a 7:46a
8:06a 8:16a
8:36a 8:46a
9:06a 9:16a
9:51a 10:01a
10:21a 10:31a
10:51a 11:01a
11:21a 11:31a
11:51a 12:01p
12:21p 12:31p
12:51p 1:01p
1:21p 1:31p
1:51p 2:01p
2:21p 2:31p
2:51p 3:01p
3:21p 3:31p
4:06p 4:16p
4:36p 4:46p
5:06p 5:16p
5:36p 5:46p
6:06p 6:16p
6:36p 6:46p
7:06p 7:16p
7:36p 7:46p
Mather Field/Mills Butterfield
8:15a 8:26a
9:15a 9:26a
10:15a 10:26a
11:15a 11:26a
12:15p 12:26p
1:15p 1:26p
2:15p 2:26p
3:15p 3:26p
4:15p 4:26p
5:15p 5:26p
6:15p 6:26p
7:15p 7:26p
8:15p 8:26p
Butterfield Mather Field/Mills
7:38a 7:48a
8:38a 8:48a
9:38a 9:48a
10:38a 10:48a
11:38a 11:48a
12:38p 12:48p
1:38p 1:48p
2:38p 2:48p
3:38p 3:48p
4:38p 4:48p
5:38p 5:48p
6:38p 6:48p
7:38p 7:48p
Mather Field/Mills Butterfield
8:37a 8:48a
9:37a 9:48a
10:37a 10:48a
11:37a 11:48a
12:37p 12:48p
1:37p 1:48p
2:37p 2:48p
3:37p 3:48p
4:37p 4:48p
5:37p 5:48p
6:37p 6:48p
7:37p 7:48p
8:37p 8:48p
Butterfield Mather Field/Mills
8:00a 8:10a
9:00a 9:10a
10:00a 10:10a
11:00a 11:10a
12:00p 12:10p
1:00p 1:10p
2:00p 2:10p
3:00p 3:10p
4:00p 4:10p
5:00p 5:10p
6:00p 6:10p
7:00p 7:10p
8:00p 8:10p