On Sunday, June 14, 2020, SacRT is partially restoring bus service levels to approximately 85 percent of SacRT's regular service levels. SacRT is also expanding three SmaRT Ride microtransit service areas on Monday, June 15, 2020. Learn more at sacrt.com/juneservice.


Mather Field/Mills Butterfield
6:45a 6:56a
7:15a 7:26a
8:15a 8:26a
9:15a 9:26a
10:15a 10:26a
11:15a 11:26a
12:15p 12:26p
1:15p 1:26p
2:15p 2:26p
3:15p 3:26p
4:15p 4:26p
5:15p 5:26p
6:15p 6:26p
7:15p 7:26p
8:15p 8:26p
Butterfield Mather Field/Mills
7:08a 7:18a
7:38a 7:48a
8:38a 8:48a
9:38a 9:48a
10:38a 10:48a
11:38a 11:48a
12:38p 12:48p
1:38p 1:48p
2:38p 2:48p
3:38p 3:48p
4:38p 4:48p
5:38p 5:48p
6:38p 6:48p
7:38p 7:48p
Mather Field/Mills Butterfield
8:37a 8:48a
9:37a 9:48a
10:37a 10:48a
11:37a 11:48a
12:37p 12:48p
1:37p 1:48p
2:37p 2:48p
3:37p 3:48p
4:37p 4:48p
5:37p 5:48p
6:37p 6:48p
7:37p 7:48p
8:37p 8:48p
Butterfield Mather Field/Mills
8:00a 8:10a
9:00a 9:10a
10:00a 10:10a
11:00a 11:10a
12:00p 12:10p
1:00p 1:10p
2:00p 2:10p
3:00p 3:10p
4:00p 4:10p
5:00p 5:10p
6:00p 6:10p
7:00p 7:10p
8:00p 8:10p