New High-Speed Charging Hub Coming to the Power Inn Station

August 1, 2021 General, SacRT in Community

SacRT partnered with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), and GiddyUp EV, Inc. to install high-speed electric vehicle chargers at the Power Inn light rail station. The new charging hub is anticipated to go live in 2023 and be one of the largest charging hubs in the state when fully equipped. The project continues to positively progress despite external economic factors that contributed to unforeseen delays in construction and delivery. SacRT and its partners are excited to share that Sacramento-based labor will spearhead site work as part of the project’s commitment in hiring and building locally.

This public-private partnership will deliver a state-of-the-art charging solution for Sacramento’s emerging electric vehicle market, meet the region and state’s sustainability goals, and provide a revenue sharing model for SacRT. SMUD estimates nearly 1 million electric vehicles in the regional by 2040. It is an opportunity for SacRT to begin development of Mobility Hubs (places that bring together multiple transportation modes for seamless transportation options) at light rail stations to add amenities and e-mobility options for transit users and transit-oriented development.

GiddyUp EV is financing the purchase and installation of the fastest DCFC/Level 3 chargers in the industry, which will have the ability to recharge light and medium vehicles simultaneously in minutes compared to hours-longer than a normal plug-in charger.

The new charging station hub will be fully networked and integrated and would use 55 underutilized parking spots out of 299 in the light rail station parking lot. The first phase would include 10 high-speed charging stations that can accommodate up to 20 vehicles, installation of solar canopies, and future battery storage for public/private use. Partnership negotiations are also underway for future connectivity to first and last mile solutions such as electric scooters and bikes.

With power supplied by SMUD, this high-speed and integrated charging network would advance electric vehicle adoption in the region, help meet environmental and economic goals of the State, while providing added services to various mobility users.

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Renderings of the new charging hub