New High-Speed Charging Hub at the Power Inn Station

July 14, 2023 General, SacRT in Community

SacRT partnered with GiddyUp EV Charging, Inc. and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) to install public high-speed electric vehicle chargers at the Power Inn light rail station. The charging hub could be one of the largest charging hubs in the state when fully equipped.

The goal is to serve SacRT ridership, the local community, and local commercial fleet operators with easy and fast EV charging. This project features a large-scale network of Level 3 charging stations using a proprietary design providing the ability to charge both passenger and commercial vehicles simultaneously and dramatically faster than the Level 2 chargers found in the majority of public charging stations.

The new Charging Hub occupies 20 underutilized parking spots at the Power Inn light rail Station. The first phase includes 10 high-speed DC charging stations with several stations designed to accommodate large fleet vehicles (bus or semi-tractor).

This public-private partnership delivers a state-of-the-art charging solution for Sacramento’s emerging electric vehicle market, meet the region and state’s sustainability goals, and provide a revenue sharing model for SacRT. SMUD estimates that there will be nearly 1 million electric vehicles in the region by 2040. It is an opportunity for SacRT to begin development of Mobility Hubs (places that bring together multiple transportation modes for seamless transportation options) at light rail stations to add amenities and e-mobility options for transit users and transit-oriented development.

GiddyUp EV Charging, Inc. is financing the purchase and installation of the Charging Hub. The public-private partnership also represents a strong commitment to hire and build locally.

The new charging station hub is fully networked and integrated and uses 55 underutilized parking spots out of 299 in the light rail station parking lot.

Key Features:

  • Open to the pubic 24/7
  • Lowest L3 charging prices available
  • 10 Siemens 175kw chargers
  • Capable of fast-charging any EV (The amount of charging rate capability will depend on the battery capacity of each EV.)
  • Utilizes the GiddyUp Charging App; on the EVGateway charging network
  • Accommodates many fleet vehicles and buses

Frequently Asked Questions available:

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Vehicles at Charging Hub


Mural at Charging Hub