Connecting Communities: SacRT Transit Projects and Initiatives

September 2, 2023 General

Arden/Del Paso Improvements

SacRT, in partnership with Bridge Housing, will make critical improvements to eight bus stops and fund platform modifications at the Arden/Del Paso Station on the Blue Line, ensuring that it meets the height requirements for the deployment of new low-floor light rail trains. SacRT received $3.2 million from the Strategic Growth Council Affordable Housing Sustainable Communities (AHSC) grant for this project.

These enhancements will improve the overall transit experience for riders while contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, as part of the AHSC award, BRIDGE Housing will transform the vacant land and unoccupied buildings at 440 Arden Way into a vibrant mixed-use development including 124 affordable homes. The ground floor will include a commercial childcare center available to residents of the broader neighborhood, a resident services suite, community room, and a multipurpose room, surrounding a courtyard with playgrounds and community gardens.

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Climate Change Impacts Project

In a collaboration effort with the City of Sacramento, a Caltrans Climate Adaptation Planning grant for $730,209 was secured to address the impacts of climate change. The project involves a comprehensive multi-hazard risk assessment of transportation systems, the development of adaptation solutions, and the creation of a prioritized list of transit projects using a multi-criteria analysis.

Ultimately, this initiative will lead to the integration of climate change adaptation strategies into the capital improvement process, providing both the City and SacRT with actionable efforts to reduce climate change impacts on our transportation infrastructure.

Blue Line Light Rail Extension and/or Bus Rapid Transit

SacRT, in partnership with the City of Elk Grove, received a Caltrans Climate Adaptation grant for $470,000 to further plan and conceptual design for extending the Blue Line light rail and/or bus rapid transit from the city of Sacramento to the city of Elk Grove. This project encompasses an existing conditions report, alignment and station location recommendations, ridership projections, technical analysis, traffic modeling, and station area plans.

The collaboration, supported by the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG), will engage various stakeholders and involve extensive community participation, ensuring that the project aligns with the needs and aspirations of the community.

Truxel Bridge Concept and Feasibility Study 

The City of Sacramento is undertaking an engineering feasibility study for a new multi-modal bridge across the lower American River between Truxel Road and Sequoia Pacific Boulevard to better connect North and South Natomas with the Central City.

SacRT is providing internal technical review/support for this plan resulting in forward movement of the Green Line extension project.The Conceptual Plan for the Truxel Bridge is being funded by a Caltrans Sustainability grant obtained by the City of Sacramento in partnership with the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) and supplemented by local funds from SacRT and developer fees. According to the city, the overall cost of the Truxel Bridge, which is expected to exceed $500 million, is anticipated to be funded through a combination of Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and other federal funds, the Road Repair and Accountability Act (SB1) and other state funds, and a variety of local funding sources, including a future transportation sales tax and developer impact fees.

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Fare-Free Transit for Students and Youth

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Light Rail Modernization Project

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SmaRT Ride On-Demand Microtransit

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High Capacity Bus Service

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Causeway Connection

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Airport Express Shuttle Service

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University/65th Street and Florin/Meadowview Light Rail Station TODs

SacRT progressed transit oriented development (TOD) investments that have been 30 years in the making, which included signed purchase sale agreements for properties at University/65th Street Station (Symphony Development), Arden Way (Community Housing Works) and Cemo Circle (USA Properties). SacRT closed on the purchase sale agreement of its first TOD property at the University/65th Street transit center in November 2019. The buyers, a joint venture between The Martin Group, Symphony Development and AECOM Canyon Partners, are approved to build the “65th East” project, which includes 223 college student focused housing apartments with ground floor retail.

The development is adjacent to one of SacRT’s busiest transit centers and light rail stations, utilized by more than 40,000 light rail riders and 30,000 bus riders per month. The deal included the reconstruction and modernization of bus stops on 67th and Q streets. The new bus stops are closer to the station and have all new ADA compliant crosswalks, making it easier and safer to connect to transit.

Service Implementation Expected: Continuous

Zero-Emission Bus Rollout Plan

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Dos Rios Light Rail Station

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Light Rail Extension to Airport/Natomas Communities

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Light Rail Extension to Elk Grove

Extend the terminus of the Blue Line approximately two miles along Bruceville Road to Elk Grove Boulevard.

Service Implementation Expected: Currently in the planning phase