SacRT GO Paratransit Services: Service Transition Q&As

February 10, 2020 General



 What is paratransit service?

Paratransit is complementary transportation service required by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for individuals with disabilities who are unable to use fixed route transportation systems. Most individuals with disabilities are able to utilize SacRT’s fully accessible fixed route services; ADA paratransit service is designed as a safety net for individuals with disabilities who are functionally unable to use the fixed route for some or all of their trips. In other words, the ADA ensures that these individuals with disabilities have transportation available to them on the same basis as individuals using fixed route systems. For more information regarding service hours and service area, please visit the Sacramento Regional Transit District – Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at:

Will SacRT have any trip denials on its paratransit service?

 All current policies related to ADA paratransit service will still be applicable. SacRT is federally mandated to provide all requested trips within the FTA guidelines and no eligible passenger will be denied a ride.

Will service be door to door, or curb to curb?

All current policies related to ADA paratransit service will still be applicable. Thus, the service will continue to be door to door service.

Will there still be mobility training for riders who are able to use SacRT bus and light rail service for some of their trips?

SacRT will continue to provide information to customers about using SacRT bus and light rail service at the time they apply for ADA paratransit service. As we get closer to the transition date, SacRT will provide more information about mobility training. ADA paratransit will remain available to eligible individuals functionally unable to use the SacRT bus and light rail system.

Will there be service to the Sacramento Airport?

Yes. SacRT started operating a new fixed route bus service from downtown to the Sacramento International Airport in January 2020. ADA paratransit service will be complementary to this service.

Will there be enough service available to meet the demands for all the rides?

Yes, SacRT is legally obligated by the federal government to provide this service; the main difference will be that SacRT will be operating its own ADA paratransit service instead of contracting it out.

Will I have to apply again for eligibility for SacRTGo? 

No. The current process will remain unchanged – SacRT has and will continue to process ADA paratransit eligibility.

What is the difference between an “ADA” ride and a “non-ADA” ride?

An “ADA” ride is one that begins and ends within ¾ mile of an “active” bus route or light rail station. A good way to think about this would be: Could this trip be taken by a customer of SacRT that was not ADA paratransit eligible?

A “non-ADA” trip is one that begins and/or ends at a place where there is either no fixed route service within ¾ of a mile, or where that service does not run, do to the time of day, or day of week.


I have a subscription ride; will I be able to keep this ride after the transition?

Yes, we are working with Paratransit, Inc. and will continue with the current subscription trips as well as be looking to add more.

Will the phone numbers for reservations and dispatch be the same?

No, the current phone numbers belong to Paratransit, Inc. SacRT is working on new numbers, and will do our best to have something similar. SacRT and Paratransit, Inc. are working together to ensure that any call that comes to the wrong number after the transition, would be transferred to the correct agency to assist the client.

Will riders still be able to call at least a minimum of two days in advance and during the same hours?

All current policies related to ADA paratransit service will still be applicable. These polices are set by the SacRT Board of Directors with the input of the SacRT Mobility Advisory Council (MAC) and the community. Riders will still be able to call in advance to book a ride within the same hours of current operations. SacRT may also implement other options for booking rides such as online and mobile app requests.

As a customer, will I have to make reservations with SacRT and Paratransit, Inc. (PI) to integrate ADA and Non-ADA trips?

This is a work in progress; but as it currently stands, SacRT will be providing both the ADA and Non-ADA trips. This is subject to change; however, SacRT and PI will ensure all riders are notified well in advance of any changes.



Beginning on day one of SacRT providing ADA service, will SacRT accept all non-expired fare media until the expiration date?

Yes, SacRT will accept non-expired fare media through its expiration date. SacRT will begin selling paratransit fare media to riders prior to the transition of the service.

I have an “Alta” pass, will SacRT honor this for SacRT Go paratransit service?

Yes, SacRT is currently working with Alta Regional Center on this, and this pass will be accepted.

Will a monthly pass still be available for purchase?

Yes, however the 44 ride pass may be discontinued and free SacRT fixed route service would be an enhancement to the 60 ride pass, which will be a better value for our customers.