SacRT Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025

Following a months-long collaborative internal planning process with staff and board members, the SacRT Board of Directors in October 2020 approved SacRT’s five-year Strategic Plan which will serve as the guiding vision for post-pandemic strategic success.

The Strategic Plan provides the management team and stakeholders with guiding goals, projects, and programs to be implemented in the short term to achieve longer-term outcomes.

The Strategic Plan focuses on four guiding pillars which include: Customer Satisfaction, Operational Excellence, Community Value, and Employee Engagement.

As part of the strategic planning process, SacRT updated its Mission, Vision and Values:


Moving you where you want to go, when you want to go.


A leader in providing mobility options for our community.


Six core principles guide individuals, teams, and the entire SacRT organization:

  • Collaboration – I work with a collaborative spirit to help my colleagues and our customers to succeed.
  • Diversity – I recognize and honor diversity and social justice, and seek out and listen for voices different than mine.
  • Innovation – I challenge the easy and inspire myself and others to look for innovative solutions.
  • Respect – I communicate clearly, respectfully, and honorably — in a way that would make my family proud — to my colleagues and our customers.
  • Trust – I trust my teammates and empower them to make decisions that improve the quality of life for their colleagues, our customers, and the community that supports us.
  • Excellence – I work to deliver excellence to our customers through clean, safe, reliable, and convenient service.

Next Steps Include

Ongoing: SacRT will begin to implement the plan and continue to create a culture of ownership.

Questions or Comments?

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