SacRT’s Rancho CordoVan – Routes 175, 176 and 177

August 30, 2021 General

SacRT contracts with the City of Rancho Cordova to operate the Rancho CordoVan shuttle services. There are three routes that serve the local communities in Rancho Cordova:

Route 175 – Anatolia – Sunridge

Route 175 CordoVan Anatolia/Sunridge – Additional stops were added in new residential developments off of Douglas Road, east of Sunrise Boulevard in Rancho Cordova. Schedules have been adjusted slightly to accommodate the new stops. View the new schedule effective Monday, August 30, 2021:

Route 176 – Anatolia – Kavala Ranch

Map and schedule:

Route 177 – Villages

Route 177 CordoVan Villages – Midday service has been added to the Rancho CordoVan Villages route on weekdays. The route and stops remain unchanged. View the new schedule effective Monday, August 30, 2021:

Learn more about transit options in Rancho Cordova here: 

Rancho CordoVan Flyer (Click for printable PDF)