Employees Recognized for Dedicated Service

February 14, 2019 General

Eight SacRT employees were recognized at the January 28 Board Meeting for their long and dedicated service to the District. Two of the employees were able to attend the board meeting and received a special certificate from General Manager/CEO Henry Li and Board Chair Patrick Kennedy.

The employees honored for the last quarter (October – December 2018) include:

  • Dwayne Dickerson, Journey Lineworker: 30-years of service
  • Kenneth Matsushima, Electronic Mechanic: 30-years of service
  • Edmundo Delatorre, Mechanic B: 25-years of service
  • Forrest Kingcade, Transportation Supervisor: 25-years of service
  • Jennifer Snyder, Bus Operator: 25-years of service
  • Edward Whitespeare, Store Keeper: 25-years of service
  • Kim Adams, Administrative Technician: 20-years of service
  • Jenny Niello, Principal Civil Engineer: 20-years of service