Florin Station Joint Development

July 3, 2019 General

Sacramento Regional Transit and its partners having been working with the community on planning what future development of the Florin light rail station excess parking lot and property could look like. SacRT is interested in working with the community in creating a livable, transit-oriented neighborhood that will benefit not only transit users, but also the community around us.

Last fall a national panel of experts visited Sacramento to study the Florin and Meadowview areas and provided the following report on the potential for those two light rail station areas:


We have received interest from a number of developers with concepts ranging from market rate housing to partnerships between mixed-income housing and various service providers and businesses. Please see the following concepts:

Habtiat for Humanity – LOI SacRT Florin Station
Jamboree – Florin Road RFI Response
MH Mohanna Development – Letter of Interest – SacRT Florin
LINC Housing – Letter of Interest No 2019013 – Florin Light Rail Station
Mutual Housing California RT LOI FINAL

What is joint development?

“Joint development is a strategic partnership between the public and private sectors to maximize the utility and value of the transit system and surrounding real estate, and benefits of both to the community.” (Federal Transit Administration)

Goals of Federal, Regional and SacRT for Joint Development

  • To encourage people to ride public transportation
  • To enhance the transit system
  • To build vibrant, mixed-use, economically successful transit oriented communities
  • To generate revenue for the transit agency and value for the real estate development partner
  • To lower greenhouse gas emissions for the region

 Why must SacRT release a Request for Proposal?

Because we are a public agency and originally purchased the Florin station property with federal funding there are certain constraints on how we can develop the property:

    • We must use a competitive process (“Request for Proposals”) to select a development partner
    • We must accommodate transit use (light rail access, bus facilities, and parking based off current demand) and promote transit ridership
    • We must ensure the safety and maintenance of our facilities/property

For more information about the federal process and regulations for joint development of transit property, please visit: https://www.transit.dot.gov/JointDevelopment

Recent meetings:

July 18, 2019  Joint Development Public Advisory Meeting: 7-18-19 Florin Station Joint Development Meeting Summary

For more information contact:

Traci Canfield
TOD & Real Estate Acting Manager