Free Transit Subsidy Now Available for All SEIU Members! 

October 2, 2023 General

SacRT is thrilled to announce that all SEIU members now have access to FREE transit services through the Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT). This includes all bus routes and light rail. This initiative aims to make commuting easier, more affordable (especially with the price of gas going up), and environmentally friendly. 

How to access your free transit pass: 

  • For Departments with Transportation Coordinators: if your department has a Transportation Coordinator, please reach out to them directly to get signed up for your free transit pass. They will assist you in the process and ensure you can start enjoying the benefits of free public transit. 
  • For others: If your department does not have a Transportation Coordinator, don't worry!  Simply purchase your transit pass through SacRT, either using the Connect Card or the convenient ZipPass mobile app. Visit for details about each option. After purchasing, you can easily get a full reimbursement by your department, making your commute absolutely free! 

Whether you rely on public transit for your daily commute, occasional travel, or any other transportation needs, we encourage you to take advantage of this subsidy. It's not just about saving money; it's about contributing to a greener environment and building a stronger, more connected community.

Purchase a SacRT Transit Pass

Visit to purchase your SacRT fare to ride.

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Need help planning your trip on SacRT? Call SacRT Customer Service at 916-321-BUSS (2877) or visit