Light Rail Modernization Open House

May 28, 2019 General

On Thursday, June 20, SacRT will host a second open house to share information about the Light Rail Modernization Project. The open house will be held from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Rancho Cordova City Hall, 2729 Prospect Park Drive in the American River North Room.

The SacRT Light Rail Modernization Project includes plans to double-track the Gold Line from the Hazel Station to the Historic Folsom Station to improve service frequency   in Folsom, rather than the existing 30-minutes.

Installing a second track, or a “passing track,” provides SacRT with the opportunity to modernize its light rail system and increase service and reliability to Folsom – the second track will enable light rail trains to operate eastbound and westbound between the Sunrise and Historic Folsom stations with little or no delay. This effort would increase light rail service from 30 minutes to 15 minutes between the light rail stations. In addition, the Glenn/Robert G Holderness and Hazel stations will be re-constructed with low-floor platforms to accommodate SacRT’s new low-floor vehicle fleet.

SacRT was awarded $150 million in funding to modernize the light rail system, including the purchase of 20 new low-floor light rail trains, supporting infrastructure (stations and signaling), and double-tracking to Folsom that will provide better accessibility for passengers with disabilities, bicycles, and strollers, and help reduce traffic congestion on the busy Highway 50 corridor.