No Show/Late Cancellation Proposed Policy for SacRT Paratransit Customers

March 19, 2019 SacRT in Community
To comment on the proposed policy call SacRT Accessible Services at 916-557-4685 or email Comments will be accepted through April 30, 2019.

RT will not impose penalties on any rider without advance notification.  An opportunity to meet with us before any suspension of service will be provided.


Appendix D of 49 CFR Part 37 indicates that suspensions of eligibility for no- shows/late cancels are intended to prevent a “pattern or practice of ‘no-shows’…   A pattern or practice involves intentional, repeated or regular actions, not isolated, accidental or singular incidents.”

Trips missed by the individual for reasons beyond his or her control (including, but not limited to, trips which are missed due to operator error) shall not be a basis for determining that such a pattern or practice exists.

Late cancels (including no-shows) adversely effect on-time performance, inconvenience other riders, and add to the cost of service. The goal of the Late Cancel Policy is to encourage responsible use of paratransit service. It is SacRT’s goal to work with riders in a positive way to reduce no-shows and late cancels and improve the quality of the overall service.

To emphasize the importance of avoiding no-shows and late cancels, SacRT, with input and endorsement of the SacRT Mobility Advisory Council (MAC), has adopted the following Late Cancel Policy which considers both the number of un-excused late cancels as well as the percentage of un-excused late cancels to overall trips scheduled.

No-Show/Late Cancellation Violations

Sacramento Regional Transit (SacRT) will record each customer no-show or late cancellation and the reason for the cancellation, and may suspend, for a reasonable period, any customer whose un-excused late cancels are excessive, whether the trips are advance reservation or subscription trips.

At times, there may be circumstances outside the control of the customer which result in late cancels, such as a sudden illness, personal emergency, a doctor running late, or canceling a medical appointment at the last minute. All customers will have an opportunity to provide the reason for their inability to provide ample notice. Reasons such as “I changed my mind” or “I got another ride” would be considered within the client’s control and not excused. The examples above are not all inclusive. Each cancellation will be marked as either “excused” or “un-excused” along with the reason.


An UnexcusedNo-Show: Occurs when the vehicle arrives at the pick-up location within the 30-minute pick-up window, waits the required five minutes and the customer does not board the vehicle, and where circumstances did not prevent the customer from providing ample notice of not needing the trip.

An Unexcused Late Cancellation: Occurs when a customer cancels a trip less than two (2) hours before the scheduled trip, and where circumstances did not prevent the customer from providing ample notice.

Rolling Year: A twelve month period dating from the current month. For example, February 2018 to February 2019.

Excessive Late Cancels: Late cancels are considered excessive when an individual has three (3) or more un-excused late cancels within any calendar month and the un-excused late cancels account for 10% or more of total trips scheduled during that calendar month. Excessive late cancels will be considered a pattern or practice of late cancels  and a violation of SacRT’s No-Show/Late Cancellation policy.

Violation: For the terms of this policy, each month in which a passenger has excessive late cancels will be considered one (1) Violation.


In accordance with U.S. DOT ADA Regulations Part 49 CFR 37.131(b), when you “no-show” for the first leg of a trip, all later rides for the day will not automatically be canceled.   It is the rider’s responsibility to cancel rides (service) they no longer need.

If a rider “no-shows” the first leg of a trip, any subsequent leg or a return trip will not be canceled automatically and may result in an additional “no-show” assessment if not cancelled as required by this policy.

Customers are responsible for cancelling trips they no longer need. To cancel a trip, customers must call  916-429-2009 option 2 or TDD 916-429-2568 to speak with a representative.


Customers incurring excessive missed trips may be suspended for a reasonable period. Repeated violations of this policy will result in greater penalties up to and including suspension of ADA paratransit service.  The following penalties shall apply to violations of this policy that occur within the same rolling 12-month period.

1st Violation Counseling/Warning Letter
2nd Violation 1-day suspension
3rd Violation 5-day suspension
Subsequent Violations 30-day suspension

Subscription Service may be cancelled for any customer who is suspended under this policy.  Suspended Subscription Service customers must reapply to be considered for a new subscription.

Notification of Suspension

Customers receiving a suspension of paratransit service will be issued a notice of suspension identifying each trip that was a no-show or late cancel. The notice will also advise the customers of the dates when the suspension begins and ends, as well as the date that the customers can start to use paratransit service again.

Right to Appeal

  • Customers must submit the completed Notice of Intention to Appeal Suspension form postmarked within 10 calendar days of the date on which the notice of suspension was issued..
  • Customers must submit either the Statement of Appeal form or a letter documenting why they believe that the violations should be excused and any supporting documentation. These documents must be postmarked within 14 calendar days of the date on which the notice of suspension was issued.
  • Customers will be contacted to schedule an appeal hearing. Customers must be available to attend the hearing at a mutually agreed-upon date, no later than 21 calendar days from the date on which the notice of suspension was issued.
  • The Appeal Board will include individuals that have an understanding of different types of disabilities and the functional capabilities characteristic of each disability, an understanding of ADA paratransit regulations, and knowledge of the skills needed to use the Regional Transit fixed route system. Whenever possible, at least two members of the Appeal Board will have disabilities with similar functional limitations as the appellant. The Appeal Board will be led by a non-voting Appeal Board Chair selected from among SacRT Senior Management Staff.

No suspension will take effect if customers have filed an appeal in accordance with the instructions and deadlines noted in this policy and the RT Appeal Board has not determined the outcome of the appeal.

Sacramento Regional Transit will advise customers in writing of the decision concerning their appeal. If the decision upholds the suspension, the notice of decision will provide customers with the beginning and ending dates of the suspension period. The decision of the RT Appeal Board is final.

If more detailed information about the Appeal Process is desired, please contact Regional Transit’s Accessible Services Department at (916) 557-4685.