Riding Light Rail

September 12, 2022 General

SacRT has three light rail lines that operate within 43 miles of track at 53 stations across Sacramento County. Light rail trains begin operation at 4 a.m. with service every 15 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes in the early morning and evening. Blue Line and Gold Line trains operate Monday through Saturday until 12:30 a.m., and 10:30 p.m. on Sunday. Green Line trains operate every 30 minutes, Monday through Friday, from approximately 6 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Riding light rail is easy when you follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you arrive at your station early and be sure to include enough time to purchase a ticket from the fare vending machine if necessary. Contactless fare payment devices are also available onboard light rail trains.

  2. Locate the correct platform. Look for the electronic signs overhead at each platform to see which side of the platform your train is coming, along with the approximate number of minutes the train will arrive. Each station also has kiosk signs with the light rail schedule.

  3. Stand behind the yellow strip. Look down and observe the yellow strips on the platform next to the tracks. These strips indicate the safe waiting distance from the train. Stay behind the strip until the train comes to a complete stop.

  4. Determine if the train is the correct train. Signs on the front of trains indicate the trains destination.

  5. Board the train. Once the train stopped, push the button on the door to enter. Allow those exiting the train to leave before boarding. Make sure to take a seat right away.

  6. Be Ready for Fare Inspection. Transit Ambassadors circulate through light rail cars to check for valid fare. Please be prepared to show your proof of fare.

  7. Take a Seat or Secure A Standing Position Before the Train Departs. For your safety, SacRT asks riders to quickly find their seat or secure a standing position before a light rail train departs. If riders need additional time to board and get to their seat, they can make the operator aware by using the boarding ramp at the front of the light rail train.

  8. Find your station and exit the train. Trains stop at every station. Push the door open button for the doors to open and exit the light rail vehicle. Announcements on the train tell you the next station that the train will stop. These announcements are both audio and on a text display on trains.
    You can always look out the window at stops to see where you are, as all stations are clearly marked with their location on the platform. There are also maps on every train to show you the light rail stations.

Note that riders are prohibited to board with an open utility cart or open stroller. In an effort to ensure that priority seating is available for persons with disabilities traveling on the bus and train, and for the safety of passengers and young children, prior to boarding, utility carts and strollers must be folded, and once onboard, they must be stored out of the aisle so that they do not block areas or pose a tripping hazard for others.

Remember – Safety First

  • Cross only at designated crossings, and always look both ways before crossing.

  • Always stand behind the yellow line when waiting for the train.

  • Put your phone down and take your earbuds out when crossing tracks.

  • Hold on to the handrails if you’re standing or walking to your seat while the train is moving.

How to Pay Your Fares:

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Learn more about paying your fare on SacRT.

Plan Your Trip:

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