Sacramento Regional Transit District Police Services

Laws and Rules


Prohibited Conduct: Laws

Any of the following is an infraction punishable in the manner set forth in the code section or ordinance, as applicable.

  1. Any act prohibited under Penal Code 640. For the purpose of Penal Code Section 640(b)(1), smoking, eating, or drinking is prohibited in a vehicle except that a person in a vehicle may drink a non-alcoholic beverage if that beverage is kept in a container that is designed to be spill-proof or spill-resistant when drinking from the container, and the person only drinks from the container when the spill-proof or spill-resistant feature is being used properly. Additionally, smoking is prohibited in a Covered Light Rail Station or a Covered Bus Shelter if such Covered Light Rail Station or Covered Bus Shelter is posted with a "no smoking" sign.

  2. Any act prohibited under Penal Code Section 640.5.

  3. Any act prohibited under Public Utilities Code Section 99170, provided that SacRT provides reasonable notice to the public of the activities prohibited by this Section and the penalties for violations of those prohibitions.

  4. Any act set out in SacRT Ordinance Section 15.0, Prohibiting Specified Acts Committed in or on SacRT Vehicles or Facilities, as amended or amended and restated from time to time.

  5. As set out in Vehicle Code Section 22521 and Vehicle Code Section 22656, it is unlawful for any person to park a vehicle on SacRT's light rail track or within seven and one-half feet of the nearest rail.

  6. Parking a vehicle in violation of Vehicle Code Section 22500 or the parking ordinances of the City of Sacramento and/or the County of Sacramento, including but no limited to, parking a vehicle at designated bus and/or light rail loading zones or on SacRT property which is posted as a no-parking area, as set out in any existing or future memoranda or understanding between SacRT and the City of Sacramento and/or the County of Sacramento.

  7. Camping is prohibited with 25 feet of Sacramento Regional Transit District's critical infrastructure (including but not limited to light rail tracks, bridges, light rail station platforms and parking lots) under Title XV of SacRT's Administrative Code and Sacramento City Code Chapter 8.140.
    Violators must cease camping activities and move to avoid injury to themselves or others. Violators who fail to comply are subject to a fine of up to $75 for the first offense, $250 for the second offense.

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Prohibited Conduct: Rules

The following activities are prohibited on or in: (a) any SacRT Vehicle, because such activities interfere with passengers' privacy and/or with the safe, pleasant, convenient and efficient provision of transit services; and (b) the Designated Passenger Loading Area within any SacRT facility, because such activities interfere with the safe boarding and alighting of persons into or from an SacRT vehicle.

  1. Boarding a Vehicle with an Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device (EPAMD), except in the following circumstances: (1) if the person is disabled and uses the EPAMD as a mobility device and, in such event, the EPAMD must be stored only at the wheel chair tiedown location in the Vehicle; or (2) a non-disabled person may board a Light Rail with an EPAMD if the person uses the steps to board the Light Rail and stows the EPAMD in the space reserved for bicycles.

  2. Placing one's feet on the seat of an SacRT vehicle or placing any article on such seat which would leave grease, oil, paint, dirt, or any other substances on the seat.

  3. Boarding an SacRT vehicle unless the passenger is clothed, including footwear.

  4. Occupying seats designated for seniors and the disabled, unless the person meets the definition of senior or disabled person as set forth in SacRT's Fare Structure.

  5. Transporting animals unless: (a) the animal is a guide, service, or signal animal which has been specially trained to assist persons with disabilities and is on a leash or under the control of the person transporting it; or (b) the animal is in a completely enclosed and secured cage or carrying case which is small enough to fit on the person's lap and the animal does not otherwise endanger or annoy other persons.

  6. Riding in an SacRT vehicle with a stroller/utility cart unless, prior to boarding, the children or goods are removed and the stroller/utility car is folded and/or stored so that it does not block the aisle or the areas reserved for persons in wheelchairs or who use mobility aids.

  7. Soliciting money from other persons.

  8. Discarding litter or trash in or upon an SacRT vehicle or facility unless placed in a trash receptacle.

  9. Posting, distributing or displaying any sign, advertisement, circular, handbill, or other written material.

  10. Exhibiting or displaying any object or merchandise for sale.

  11. Offering or soliciting the sale or lease of any commercial service.

  12. Performing ceremonies, or making speeches or orations.

  13. Affixing a sign, placard, notice, declaration or appeal of any kind or description.

  14. Attempting to ride or riding on an SacRT bus with a wheelchair that is capable of being secured by the securement system installed on that bus without permitting such securement of the wheelchair.

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