SacRT Blog: SacRT in the Community

SacRT Blog: SacRT in the Community

SacRT GO Paratransit Services hit the one-millionth passenger mark this week. And we celebrated! 

May, Fri 2024

Susan Kenney, hands on her walker, was headed Thursday morning toward her SacRT GO paratransit services shuttle, accompanied by driver […] Read More

Sacramento Regional Transit welcomes three new board members for a dynamic 2024

Mar, Thu 2024

The Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) welcomed three new members to its governing board this year, adding new perspectives to […] Read More

Meet four Sacramento community members who were true ‘Transit Champions’ for SacRT in 2023

Mar, Mon 2024

The Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) has long benefited from close ties with caring community members who actively support improved […] Read More

SacRT’s ‘transit heroes’ are here, there, everywhere, serving the public everyday

Feb, Tue 2024

The Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) is a team of heroes. Every day, our over 1,400 employees save the day […] Read More

Meet Blue, SacRT’s new police services employee. He has a nose for the job

Dec, Mon 2023

The Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) this year welcomed aboard an energetic and talented rookie police K9 – with a […] Read More

2024 will be a big year for light rail modernization. Here are the improvements riders can look forward to

Nov, Wed 2023

This coming year will mark a “game changing” moment for light rail in Sacramento.Years in the making, the Sacramento Regional […] Read More

Our fourth annual SacRT ‘Transit Academy’ class just graduated! Here’s what academy members learned

Nov, Mon 2023

Operating a transit service in a sprawling metropolitan area is a complex and Herculean task. How are decisions made? Who is […] Read More

SacRT and its employees are taking the California Clean Air pledge. Here’s how you can join them!

Sep, Thu 2023

 Katie Lichty, a Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) senior marketing specialist, believes in doing her part as a good […] Read More

Interested in improving mobility in Sacramento? You might want to join SacRT’s free Transit Academy

Aug, Mon 2023

Are you a business or political leader interested in improving mobility in Sacramento? A transit rider curious about how the […] Read More

Leading the way to an electric future, SacRT and partners unveil public-use EV charging hub

Aug, Fri 2023

The Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) is playing a central role in what California leaders are calling a potentially “game changing” […] Read More

Sacramento Regional Transit’s Pioneering ‘Fare-Free Rides for Youth’ Program Offers Hope and Opportunity

Aug, Thu 2023

With the school year starting, we at the Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) are again ramping up our groundbreaking RydeFreeRT […] Read More

Interested in helping improve the lives of seniors and people with disabilities? Join SacRT’s mobility advisory council!

Jul, Tue 2023

 Seventeen years ago, when Pam Flohr heard the Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) was forming a citizen’s group called […] Read More

SacRT GO paratransit service is on the move in the post-COVID era, serving Sacramentans countywide

Jun, Wed 2023

Each day at teacher Alice Kimble’s Sacramento preschool, a yellow, blue and white shuttle bus shows up, bringing Kimble in […] Read More

We thank SacRT’s bus and rail mechanics for their tireless work to keep Sacramento rolling

Jun, Mon 2023

Veteran SacRT Light Rail Mechanic John Haswell got the radio alert one day a few weeks ago. A two-car light […] Read More

Want to explore Sacramento? Here are seven fun outings you can enjoy on SacRT

Jun, Tue 2023

The good weather is here! If you’re itching to get out and about, the Sacramento Regional Transit District’s (SacRT) extensive […] Read More

Meet Brianna Harrison, the first female graduate of SacRT’s innovative and rigorous bus mechanic training program

May, Thu 2023

Brianna Harrison is a self-starter who believes she should challenge herself whenever she gets the chance. The Sacramento Regional Transit […] Read More

‘You’ll always be special in my heart.’ SacRT riders celebrate our 50th year with heartfelt messages

May, Mon 2023

You don’t spend 50 years serving the public without making friends along the way. So, it’s no surprise that several […] Read More

SacRT is offering free rides Saturday in celebration of Earth Day

Apr, Mon 2023

The Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) is providing free rides on Saturday, April 22, 2023, in celebration of Earth Day. […] Read More

SacRT has big plans for our next 50 years. To succeed, we count on your support.

Mar, Tue 2023

  A Message from SacRT General Manager/CEO Henry Li Click image above to play the video message from SacRT General […] Read More

Sacramento Regional Transit turns 50 this year

Mar, Tue 2023

We’re sharing the experience from those who were there  For 50 years, the Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) has […] Read More

Our operators are the face of SacRT in the community

Mar, Thu 2023

We celebrate their service on Transit Driver Appreciation Day!What does it take to be a good transit operator? It’s a question […] Read More

A great agency is made up of great employees

Mar, Wed 2023

Meet SacRT veterans Anita, Joyce, and BonifacioThe Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) is a seasoned and experienced agency with a […] Read More

50th Anniversary: SacRT by the Decades

Mar, Thu 2023

  1973 – 1979: Regional Transit is Born   1980-1989: Light Rail Hits the Tracks   1990-1999: The Growth Years    2000-2009: Boom […] Read More

New Faces Bring Added Diversity and Ideas to SacRT Board

Feb, Wed 2023

The Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) welcomed five newcomers in January to its 11-member governing board, adding diversity and new […] Read More

Take an inside look at SacRT’s ‘gold standard’ security and safety program

Feb, Tue 2023

The Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) just won a federal Transportation Security Administration “Gold Standard” award for its emergency preparedness […] Read More

SacRT launches biggest light rail modernization project in its history. Here’s what you need to know:

Feb, Fri 2023

This weekend may be inconvenient for some Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) light rail riders. But we’re happy to say […] Read More

When’s that next bus coming? SacRT’s new BusTracker app lets you know

Jan, Thu 2023

At Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT), the days of standing at the bus stop waiting and wondering when your ride […] Read More

At SacRT we rose to the challenge in 2022. Here are some of the highlights

Dec, Wed 2022

This past year saw solid growth at the Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT), as the agency and community transitioned to […] Read More

SacRT helps save four historic Sacramento trolleys, including one used in an East Sacramento restaurant

Dec, Fri 2022

Streetcars once ruled the roads in Sacramento, taking thousands to work daily and helping give birth to the region’s first […] Read More

December 3rd is International Day of People with Disabilities

Dec, Fri 2022

However, at SacRT, our dedication to our riders is 365 days a year, just ask SacRT GO driver Jose MoralesThe […] Read More

Measure A vote result: Sacramentans want a sustainable transportation plan that supports modern, greener, and transit-oriented growth

Dec, Thu 2022

Sacramento voters last month declined to support Measure A, the county transportation sales tax proposal. We at Sacramento Regional Transit […] Read More

Building Better Communities: How Sacramento Regional Transit helped create the region’s ‘coolest’ neighborhood

Nov, Thu 2022

Years in the making, one of the most dramatic and unusual neighborhoods in the region is rising fast in a […] Read More

Headed to vote Tuesday? Hop on SacRT for a free ride

Nov, Tue 2022

Election Day is coming, and with it, free transit rides. Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) is once again offering to […] Read More

SacRT asks for community help to improve bus stop convenience and safety

Oct, Mon 2022

Bus stops are the humble, but important, front door to a transit system. Sacramento Regional Transit (SacRT) wants them to […] Read More

It’s Clean Air Day. Here are 12 tips from SacRT on ways you can take a stand for better air quality

Sep, Tue 2022

We live in an era of climate change, wildfires and poor air quality. It can feel overwhelming at times, but […] Read More

Sit back, relax and read a book while Sacramento’s new Library Train gets you to your destination

Sep, Thu 2022

The next time you ride SacRT light rail, you may find yourself stepping into a literary adventure. SacRT and the Sacramento […] Read More

SacRT’s groundbreaking ‘free rides for youth’ program offers hope and opportunity

Aug, Thu 2022

Four years ago, SacRT board member Jay Schenirer approached SacRT General Manager/CEO Henry Li with a bold idea: Let’s allow all […] Read More

SacRT partners with community advocates to make transit-riding easier for all

Jul, Mon 2022

This week marks a milestone moment for both Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) and an important group of loyal passengers. Thirty-two […] Read More

SacRT delivered him to the biggest appointment of his life: His wedding

Jul, Tue 2022

A groom has one main job on his wedding day: Get to the ceremony on time. For Sacramentan Ansel Lundberg, […] Read More

Not just a transit agency – SacRT offers an innovative new helping hand to Sacramento community’s most vulnerable residents. Here’s an inside look at that creative effort.

May, Thu 2022

Sacramento is experiencing a difficult time of economic stress. In response, Sacramento Regional Transit (SacRT) has taken its community leadership […] Read More

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