SacRT GO Paratransit Services hit the one-millionth passenger mark this week. And we celebrated! 

May 17, 2024 SacRT Blog

Susan Kenney, hands on her walker, was headed Thursday morning toward her SacRT GO paratransit services shuttle, accompanied by driver Jason Hutnick, when, to her surprise, she was welcomed by a delegation of Sacramento Regional Transit (SacRT) employees and supervisors on the sidewalk.  

They had blue and gold balloons in hand and smiles on their faces. 

“Congratulations!” the group shouted in unison. “You’re our one-millionth customer on SacRT GO!” SacRT’s Director of Marketing Jessica Gonzalez told Kenney. Kathy Sachen, SacRT’s Paratransit Operations Manager, awarded Kenney a 60 ride monthly pass. 

Kenney, 76, grinning as well, didn’t miss a beat. “Thank you very much!” she said. “I’m going to use all 60 rides! I usually do!” 

It was a milestone moment for SacRT and for one of our most notable services: SacRT GO paratransit services provides accessible, reliable, safe and convenient door-to-door transportation to persons with disabilities and seniors, with the goal of ensuring all riders have equal access to transportation opportunities. We do it in accordance with the mandates of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which requires public transit agencies to provide ADA paratransit services for people who cannot access the regular fixed-route bus and light rail services. 

“We believe our paratransit service is not only one of our more important roles in this community, but also a role that will grow in the coming years as more of our region’s population ages, and more people find it hard to drive or ride independently on bus and light rail,” said SacRT General Manager/CEO Henry Li. 

This week is also important because it represents a payoff for a leap of faith SacRT made four years ago, in June 2020, when their paratransit service contract ended with a private company and brought paratransit services back in-house at SacRT. 

“We brought paratransit in house and kept it close to our heart. We have such a great frontline team. From day one, they owned it,” said Carmen Alba, Vice President of Operations for SacRT.

Kathy Sachen, SacRT’s Paratransit Operations Manager, is among those who committed themselves to the task, and helped smooth the transition in 2020. 

For Sachen, the mission is personal. “Our passengers are like family to me,” she said. “It delights me and warms my heart when I see people who may not have the ability to leave their homes if it wasn’t for SacRT GO service.” 

“I really do care about them and getting them where they need to go,” she said. “I will do whatever it takes to help them. I love each one of them dearly.” 

The SacRT GO team has 148 staff members, including supervisors, dispatchers and drivers. They are kept busy. The ridership levels are the same as they were during the previous ridership peak just before COVID-19 hit in 2020. 

Jeff Thom, an advocate for the disabled community, said “SacRT has handled its paratransit task well.” Thom is chairman of the SacRT Mobility Advisory Council, a community group that collaborates with SacRT to monitor and improve transit service for people with mobility issues. The Mac is recruiting for new members, both in the organizational and at-large categories. MAC is seeking balance across various types of disabilities, as well as the region’s geographic areas and ethnic diversity. Learn more at

“There have been hiccups along the way, but when problems arise, we work together to solve them,” Thom said. “Operating a paratransit service in a community as large as SacRT serves is extremely difficult and SacRT’s commitment has been really outstanding to improve the services as time goes on.” 

Another pleased rider is Rita Schabow. Before SacRT annexed paratransit service, riding was stressful because she had to make two transfers to get from home in Elk Grove to work in Folsom. Now, it’s one ride under SacRT’s in-house service. 

“It took a lot of anxiety and stress and inconvenience off of me getting to and from work,” she said. “I wouldn’t be as successful at my job if it wasn’t for SacRT GO.” 

“There are challenges ahead, though,” said Priscilla Vargas, SacRT’s ADA Compliance Officer. “The area’s aging population is growing, increasing the number of riders who require paratransit services.” To that end, the agency this year is modernizing its light rail system with new low-floor train cars, which are easily accessible for people in wheelchairs or with mobility limitations. 

“Demand is high and it’s growing,” Vargas said. “We are dealing with more people who are not able to get around without additional assistance. We want to continue to modernize our fixed-route services so more can use it.”  

Susan Kenney, our one millionth customer, is also among our most frequent riders on SacRT GO paratransit. We asked her how it felt to be one in a million. 

“I’ve never been one of those before, at least that I know of!” she said. “The service is great. I can go places where I want to go. I go to church, I go to the gym, I play golf. Haggin Oaks has an adaptive golf program (for people with mobility limitations). I can go where I want to go.” 

“And the drivers are great,” she said. “It’s not an easy job. They are so helpful.” 

About SacRT GO Paratransit Services: 

Riders must meet the ADA eligibility requirements to qualify for SacRT GO paratransit services and must complete an eligibility process to determine if the applicant qualifies for ADA paratransit service. For more information on this process, and to download the application, visit