SacRT delivered him to the biggest appointment of his life: His wedding

July 19, 2022 SacRT Blog

A groom has one main job on his wedding day: Get to the ceremony on time.

For Sacramentan Ansel Lundberg, on his big day in May, that meant taking a light rail train.

The SMUD employee and his groomsmen – looking sharp in suits with matching pink ties – boarded at the 4th Avenue station near his home on a recent Saturday and rolled downtown to the Citizen Hotel where his bride, Britany Reddish Lundberg, a UC Davis doctor, was waiting with other wedding guests.

“I guess we could have tried to carpool, but the train drops us one block from the hotel and parking downtown is a challenge,” Lundberg said. “It was convenient and fun. And, we beat some of the people who drove!”

The groom and his entourage were a hit on the train. Other passengers congratulated him. And one of them volunteered to take the first – unofficial – wedding photos.

“I was excited,” Lundberg said. “The train and the #62 bus are a regular part of my life. It’s one of the things I love about this city.”

Lundberg does have a request though of SacRT: Hurry up installing the upcoming low-floor train cars, the ones where you can step directly from the curb onto the car without going up steps.

“I’m excited when the low-floor cars arrive.”

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