SacRT Partnered with UZURV to Expand Mobility Options for SacRT GO Paratransit Service Customers

April 19, 2022 General

As with many other public transit agencies across the country, SacRT has faced COVID-related driver shortages while at the same time, facing increased demand for paratransit service.  

To provide more reliable service for SacRT GO customers, SacRT has contracted with UZURV – the Adaptive Transportation Network Company (Adaptive TNC) to quickly expand capacity for SacRT GO riders.  

On Tuesday, April 19, 2022, UZURV began supporting up to 25% of SacRT GO trips. UZURV supplemental service is expected to reduce the cost per trip and help attain a higher on-time percentage. SacRT GO uses Ecolane, the scheduling and dispatch software, which supports direct integration with UZURV.  

Your SacRT GO trip may be provided by a UZURV independent contracted driver, who will operate a standard passenger vehicle to provide SacRT GO customers door-to-door service.  

All UZURV drivers cleared Federal Transit Administration compliant background checks and complete drug and alcohol testing – both pre-service and random testing as required meeting all federal, state, and local requirements for operation as a supplemental service provider for SacRT GO Paratransit Services. 


  • SacRT GO customers continue to reserve their ride in advance with SacRT GO. 
  • SacRT GO dispatchers push trips to UZURV from within the Ecolane system and receive details of the completed trips back into Ecolane. 
  • Riders are able to track their UZURV vehicle in real-time via the SacRT GO Paratransit Services mobile app.  
  • The UZURV service will only be used for ambulatory customers.  


If you are assigned a UZURV vehicle, it will be marked with a UZURV decal on the front windshield and a SacRT GO magnet on the vehicle door.  

UZURV Window Cling

Note: Starting September 11, 2023, UZURV vehicles are using a SacRT GO window cling in the front window.


As this supplemental service is provided by SacRT, there is no additional cost for customers. There are no fare changes for SacRT GO trips.  


For more information about UZURV, see our list of Frequently Asked Questions 



Contact SacRT GO Paratransit Services at 916-321-BUSS (2877).  

About UZURV 

Founded in 2017, UZURV began providing safe, reliable and federally compliant on-demand paratransit for the Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) in Richmond, VA. Since that time, UZURV has expanded its operational presence, and today, UZURV serves more than 20 transit agencies, healthcare providers, and non-profit organizations across twenty states. UZURV’s adaptive TNC service approach is designed to help communities lower the cost of paratransit service delivery while substantially improving the rider experience. UZURV ensures safety by delivering services that are federally and contractually compliant and that address the safety concerns and service needs of riders. The technology platform also enables real-time ride oversight by the company’s in-house operations team. As a result, the platform keeps trips on time and drivers and riders safe and supported. For more information on UZURV, visit: