SacRT Partners with Wide Open Walls to Bring “aRT” to its Customer Service & Sales Center

January 13, 2018 SacRT in Community, SacRT News

1225 R Street Facility to Feature Art by Mateus Bailon

The Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) joins the Wide Open Walls festival, in partnership with CADA, to feature art by Mateus Bailon at its 1225 R Street Customer Service and Sales Center location. Bailon is known for his creative and colorful painting approach. Bailon was born in Itajaí, a municipality on the north coast of Santa Catarina State in the south of Brazil, a country that has a flourishing urban art scene.

“His pieces are detailed, vibrant and will beautify R Street with color, nature and energy,” said Henry Li, General Manager/CEO. “We are proud to have our busy customer service and sales center showcase his unique talent.”

The mural on SacRT’s building will reveal action and activity of colorful birds in their natural element. The scene depicts the animals in motion traveling in one direction against a bright sky. It is a delightful and appropriate comparison to light rail trains, which also move directionally in a fluid motion. Wide Open Walls, which started August 9 and ends on August 19, promotes and celebrates public art.

“The mission of Wide Open Walls is art for all,” said David Sobon, Founder/Producer Wide Open Walls. “By adding another mural on SacRT’s building on R Street, we will help attract more visitors to this thriving neighborhood.”

Self-taught, Mateus Bailon grew up enjoying the beauty of the natural world surrounding the seaside town Itajaí. Being interested in painting and drawing from a very early age, he has

created his own universe inhabited by the astonishing birds and fishes that are trapped on the walls yet appearing free and independent within the confines of the cities. Bailon draws inspiration from ancient Japanese art, myths, worldly folklore, street art, and comics and seeks to give life to imagination using his artistic skills.

In 2018, Bailon has already painted 15 walls in five countries so far. Remember to stop by 1225 R Street and watch as his latest mural come to life.

SacRT’s partnership with Wide Open Walls is just one of several public art projects we are working on to beautify our facilities. In March, SacRT debuted “Rolling Art” when four local artists unveiled art wrapped light rail trains.