Current/Ongoing Planning Projects

Bus Rapid transit. Photos of buses

High Capacity Bus Service/ Bus Rapid Transit (2023)

SacRT's strategic plan 2021 - 2025. Our five-year strategic plan serves as the guiding vision for post pandemic success.

Strategic Plan (2021 - 2025)

Photo of low floor light rail train

Blue Line Light Rail Extension and/or Bus Rapid Transit

Photo of electric buses charging

Climate Change Impacts Project

Adopted Plans

photo of CRC light rail station and text that says SacRT's 2023 origin-destination survey report

Origin-Destination Survey Report (2023)

Stockton Blvd bus stop implementation plan

Stockton Boulevard Bus Stop Implementation Plan (2023)

SacRT bus stop improvement plan. Photo of a persons feet standing at a bus stop

Bus Stop Improvement Plan (2023)

Photo of white electric bus

Zero-Emission Bus Rollout Plan (2022)

SacRT on the move short range transit plan. Photo of a bus and train

Short Range Transit Plan (2022 - 2027)

Photo of a bus driving in downtown Sacramento approaching a bus stop

Network Integration Plan (2021)

Photo of a bus traveling on Stockton Blvd. Text that says Stockton Blvd Conceptual Plan

Stockton Blvd Conceptual Plan (2020)


Light rail modernization

Light Rail Modernization Project (2023)

Rendering of streetcar on Tower Bridge. Text that says Downtown Riverfront Streetcar Project

Streetcar Project

Future Dos Rios Station Rendering

Future Dos Rios Light Rail Station

Photo of green line train. Text that says Green line to the airport

Green Line to the Airport

Photo of light rail train at station

SacRT Bus and Light Rail Design Guidelines and Figures

Map of proposed Truxel Bridge Crossing American River

Truxel Bridge Concept and Feasibility Study


University/65th Street and Florin/Meadowview Light Rail Station TODs

SacRT progressed transit oriented development (TOD) investments that have been 30 years in the making, which included signed purchase sale agreements for properties at University/65th Street Station (Symphony Development), Arden Way (Community Housing Works) and Cemo Circle (USA Properties). SacRT closed on the purchase sale agreement of its first TOD property at the University/65th Street transit center in November 2019. The buyers, a joint venture between The Martin Group, Symphony Development and AECOM Canyon Partners, are approved to build the “65th East” project, which includes 223 college student focused housing apartments with ground floor retail.

The development is adjacent to one of SacRT’s busiest transit centers and light rail stations, utilized by more than 40,000 light rail riders and 30,000 bus riders per month. The deal included the reconstruction and modernization of bus stops on 67th and Q streets. The new bus stops are closer to the station and have all new ADA compliant crosswalks, making it easier and safer to connect to transit.

Service Implementation Expected: Continuous