SacRT Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025

SacRT's strategic plan 2021 - 2025. Our five-year strategic plan serves as the guiding vision for post pandemic success.

Following a months-long collaborative internal planning process with staff and board members, the SacRT Board of Directors in October 2020 approved SacRT’s five-year Strategic Plan which will serve as the guiding vision for post-pandemic strategic success.

The Strategic Plan provides the management team and stakeholders with guiding goals, projects, and programs to be implemented in the short term to achieve longer-term outcomes.

The Strategic Plan focuses on four guiding pillars which include: Customer Satisfaction, Operational Excellence, Community Value, and Employee Engagement.

As part of the strategic planning process, SacRT updated its Mission, Vision and Values:


Moving you where you want to go, when you want to go.


A leader in providing mobility options for our community.


Six core principles guide individuals, teams, and the entire SacRT organization:

  • Collaboration - I work with a collaborative spirit to help my colleagues and our customers to succeed.
  • Diversity - I recognize and honor diversity and social justice, and seek out and listen for voices different than mine.
  • Innovation - I challenge the easy and inspire myself and others to look for innovative solutions.
  • Respect - I communicate clearly, respectfully, and honorably -- in a way that would make my family proud -- to my colleagues and our customers.
  • Trust - I trust my teammates and empower them to make decisions that improve the quality of life for their colleagues, our customers, and the community that supports us.
  • Excellence - I work to deliver excellence to our customers through clean, safe, reliable, and convenient service.

Next Steps Include

Ongoing: SacRT will begin to implement the plan and continue to create a culture of ownership.

Strategic Plan Scorecard

The strategic plan introduced a comprehensive performance scorecard that SacRT management and division leaders monitor and report on to track projects and programs of strategic importance. The performance scorecard is comprised of metrics that are significant to the quest for service excellence and value to taxpayers and which tie directly to the four strategic priority areas: Operational Excellence, Community Value, Employee Engagement, and Customer Satisfaction. With the scorecard, all members of the workforce can see how their efforts support the success of the entire agency.

FY24 Q3  Results - Strategic Plan Scorecard

FY24 Q2 Results – SacRT Overall Scorecard

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FY23 Q4 Results - SacRT Overall Scorecard

FY23 Q3 Results - SacRT Overall Scorecard

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FY21 Results - SacRT Overall Scorecard

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