SacRT Takes Extra Precautions in Response to Bombing of London Subway

September 15, 2017 SacRT News

September 15, 2017 – Sacramento, CA – If you “See It, Hear It, Report It!  Those are the words the Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) is promoting today to remind light rail and bus passengers that their constant attention is the strongest weapon we have to keep Sacramento’s transit system safe. In response to the recent bombing of the London Tube, rider alerts were sent out this morning to transit passengers as part of a series of precautionary measures that SacRT is taking to increase its own vigilance.

SacRT Police Services also held an emergency meeting with management today to reiterate the need for increased security and vigilance. Staffing at the Security Operations Center (SOC) has been increased to monitor light rail surveillance cameras and additional law enforcement officers have been placed on patrol.

“Although there is no current threat to the region, it’s important that we take action to proactively protect everyone in and around our system,” said General Manager/CEO Henry Li. “Safety and security is of the utmost importance for our staff, customers and the community.”

Light rail and bus operators have been instructed to increase vehicle inspections and to keep an eye out for suspicious packages.  Plus, one of SacRT’s two K-9 units was brought in earlier than usual to conduct bomb sniffing patrols. These are routine procedures that are being ramped up as precautionary measures.

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“The bombing in London is a strong reminder to all of us to always be aware of our surroundings,” said SacRT Chief of Police, Lieutenant Lisa Hinz. “We are tightening up our security and situational awareness as part of our due diligence, today and every day.”

Last month, SacRT’s SOC staff underwent intensive training on how to detect suspicious packages, while monitoring the surveillance camera system that is now operational 24 hours a day. Transit employees are also scheduled to participate in an upcoming emergency preparedness drill on Saturday, September 30, that will focus on a derailment scenario where terrorists are to blame.

Passengers are encouraged to call the SOC at 916-556-0275, if they see a suspicious package that is left unattended. Also, SacRT is reminding its customers to avoid bringing packages onboard buses or light rail that cannot easily be placed on their laps.