SacRT to Temporarily Reduce Service Starting Monday, March 23

March 19, 2020 SacRT News

Adapting Operations to Closures and Isolation Orders Related to COVID-19

As our region continues to respond to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the recent County of Sacramento order to self-isolate, the Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) plans to temporarily reduce service to a Sunday schedule seven days a week. SacRT will continue to operate Monday through Friday Green Line light rail service, some of our peak commuter/express routes, SmaRT Ride microtransit service (in all zones) and Folsom Stage Line bus service.

SacRT is committed to protecting the health, safety, and wellbeing of our customers and employees. We are undoubtedly in unprecedented times and realize that the situation regarding COVID-19 is ever changing at incredible speed.

We know each decision we make has a broad impact far beyond our operations. Keeping that in mind, SacRT has made the difficult decision to temporarily reduce service to a Sunday Plus schedule; however, SacRT is adding in extra buses to busier routes and more light rail train cars to allow for recommended social distancing. We are also continually monitoring ridership on each route to see if additional service should be added.

The Sunday Plus schedule includes:

 Light Rail

  • Gold Line (operate Sunday schedule seven days a week)
  • Blue Line (operate Sunday schedule seven days a week)
  • Green Line (operate Monday – Friday only)

Bus Routes

  • All routes to operate on Sunday schedule (seven days a week)

*Note: Route 33 will operate Monday – Friday only.

Express Bus Routes

  • 102 (Monday- Friday only)
  • 103 (Monday- Friday only)
  • 106 (Monday- Friday only)
  • 107 (Monday- Friday only)
  • 109 (Monday- Friday only)
  • 113 (Monday- Friday only)
  • 129 (Monday- Friday only)
  • 161 (Monday- Friday only)
  • 193 (Monday- Friday only)

Note: SacRT will temporarily suspend bus routes 105 (Elsie), 134 (McKinley), 142 (Airport Express) and Folsom Stage Line bus route 20 beginning Monday, March 23.

Folsom Stage Line bus Service

  • Regular Service: on routes 10 and 30 Monday – Friday only

SmaRT Ride Microtransit

  • Regular Service: all nine service zones Monday – Friday only

SacRT previously suspended supplemental bus service for the 200 series due to school closures, which was implemented on March 16. At this time, we have no plans to reduce service for e-tran bus, Rancho CordoVan Shuttle, North Natomas Jibe and ADA paratransit; however, that could change as we are in constant communication with our partners.

SacRT is urging customers to download the free ZipPass Mobile Fare App to purchase transit fare directly on their smartphone, which can eliminate a touch point for our operators and customers.

Customer Service and Sales Center Hours:

  • Customer Service Center (call center) hours will not be affected
  • Customer Sales Center hours will be reduced to 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday

These preparedness actions will be monitored and alerts will be issued when SacRT resumes regular operations. We acknowledge the inconvenience that these changes may have to our customers, and thank them for their patience and consideration of others during this unprecedented time. Amid the evolving public health situation, SacRT is committed to keeping our customers informed, continuing to listen to the community, and providing transit service in a safe, equitable way.

We anticipate that driver shortages will occur in the coming weeks. SacRT recommends that bus riders check the page for bus trip cancellations. We recommend checking the page frequently as this page only provides forecasted trip cancellations, in which trips can be restored at a later time.

 To date, SacRT has experienced no reports of COVID-19 transmission aboard our transit system and we are only encouraging customers to use public transit for essential travel, which includes medical appointments, medical supplies, groceries, work and other lifeline service, which is consistent with the County’s directive. We also want to remind riders to maintain a social distance of at least six feet, and continue to exercise these well-established tips for a healthier commute:

  1. Frequent hand washing, using soap, for at least 20 seconds
  2. Use hand sanitizers when soap and water are unavailable
  3. Avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands
  4. Covering your cough or sneeze with a bent elbow or disposable tissue
  5. Stay home when feeling sick

SacRT knows that the service we provide is critical to our community and will communicate to the public service changes as soon as possible, as we know the Sacramento community depends on our service. For the most up-to-date information, visit